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70+ Law of Attraction Affirmations To Manifest Your Ex Back

Did you know that you can use positive affirmations to get your ex back? Yep! It’s true! Positive affirmations can make your wishes come true, especially if you’re already sure about the type of life that you want to create. 

If you can close your eyes and imagine the dreams you want with your ex. 

If you can see yourselves together in your mind’s eye, and feel how good it feels to be in the relationship you want.

Then You’ll find that positive affirmations can actually make your dreams come true!

It might take some dedication and commitment, but I promise you – there is nothing more rewarding than getting your ex back and having a loving, healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship with him.

If you want to manifest your dream life with your dream partner, then you’ll get started using these positive affirmations to get your ex back right away!


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How to use these positive affirmations

There are several methods you can use to activate positive affirmations and use them to get your ex to come running back to you.


Here are some of the best ones:


1- Recite them out loud like mantras

Just read them out loud, over and over again until they really sink in.

You can make a recording on your phone or voice recorder, and listen to it as you fall asleep each night.

But be warned… This method might keep you up all night long with images of what life could be!



2- Write them down and reflect on them

You can use these positive affirmations when you do written manifestation exercises like the 369 method.

As you write, see it happen in your mind’s eye, feel how good it feels… Take a few deep breaths to help you focus on the outcome you want.

What do the images you see mean?

Why has come up for you?

What does it feel like to have your number one desire in this moment?

When you reflect on what you’re thinking, feeling, and seeing in your mind’s eye… you’ll be amplifying the effect of the positive affirmations.

Then you can use this positive energy to manifest your ex back.



3- Meditate on them

Meditation can help you focus more clearly, make shifts in your life more quickly, and bring your dreams into physical reality.

Positive affirmations can be a great meditation practice for when you’re feeling a little “off” about manifesting your ex back.

Now that you know how to use positive affirmations, let’s dive in!



Positive affirmations to manifest your ex to call you

The first thing you may want if you want to manifest your ex back is to get them to call you.


Here are ten positive affirmations to help you with that:

  1. I am so excited that my ex is finally calling me again!
  2. My ex calls me all the time just to say they’re thinking of me.
  3. I am so grateful that my ex has called me.
  4. My ex can’t resist my charm and appeal.
  5. Every day, more and more of my friends tell me how happy they are for me because my ex has started calling more often.
  6. My ex is so kind to me, they call me every day.
  7. My ex is always just a phone call away.
  8. I am so happy that my ex calls me to tell me they miss me.
  9. Every day, my ex calls to say good night.
  10. Every morning, my ex calls to wish me a happy day.


Daily affirmations to manifest a text from your ex

Sometimes you just want your ex to answer your texts and even initiate texts of their own!


Here are ten positive affirmations to help you manifest your ex to text you!

  1. My phone is always buzzing with text messages from my ex.
  2. Every day, my ex sends me more and more messages.
  3. I love seeing new messages from my ex on my phone.
  4. It’s so exciting to know that I’ll be getting a text from my ex any minute now.
  5. My ex and I text each other all day long just to say we’re thinking of one another.
  6. My ex always texts me to say good night.
  7. It feels so good knowing I’ll be getting a message from my ex soon.
  8. I love it when my ex sends me messages as reminders of how much they care about me.
  9. It’s such a joy and pleasure seeing messages from my ex on my phone!
  10. Every time I text my ex, they always text back right away


Positive affirmations to manifest your ex to ask you out

When you’re ready for the next level, you might want to manifest your ex to ask you out on dates.


Here are ten positive affirmations to manifest your ex to spend more quality time with you.

  1. My ex has asked me out on a date and I’m so excited to go!
  2. My ex is so romantic, he takes me on amazing dates all the time.
  3. Every other weekend, my ex asks me out on a fun date.
  4. I love the way my ex treats me! They are always asking me out to explore new things together.
  5. My heart flutters each time I think about going on an adventure with my ex.
  6. Everytime I want to go out somewhere, my ex automatically asks if I want to do it.
  7. All my friends tell me how lucky I am to have such a great date planned with my ex.
  8. Every day, I look forward to the next time my ex asks me out on a date!
  9. I can’t wait for my next date with my ex!
  10. My ex always plans the most thoughtful dates and I love spending time with him.


Positive affirmations for your ex coming back to you

Many people have a hard time imagining that their ex will actually come back to them.


Here are ten positive affirmations for when you want to manifest your ex coming back into your life.

  1. My ex is coming back to me and it’s the best thing that ever happened!
  2. I’m so excited that my ex is finally in a good place to come home.
  3. Every day, my ex and I grow closer and closer.
  4. My ex is so kind and loving, they always want to come home.
  5. I am so grateful that my ex has come back into my life.
  6. I get more and more impressions from my ex that they want a second chance.
  7. My friends love the way I’ve changed since my ex came back into my life!
  8. My heart is so full and warm at my ex wanting to come back.
  9. My ex just asked if we should consider moving in together!
  10. My ex has come back and our love is stronger than ever before.


Positive affirmations to manifest your ex to apologize

If you’ve been dumped, cheated on, or otherwise feel like your ex wronged you, it can be hard to imagine them apologizing. You can get your ex back after they apologize.


Here are ten positive affirmations for when you want your ex to apologize and make things right again!

  1. I feel so complete now that my ex has apologized for breaking my heart.
  2. My ex is so sympathetic and understanding, they know just what to say.
  3. I have never felt more comfortable talking about our relationship with my ex.
  4. Every day, I feel closer to accepting my ex’s apology.
  5. It feels so good knowing that today my ex apologized for all their mistakes.
  6. All of the past hurt is washed away now that my ex has issued an apology.
  7. Every day, I feel more at peace with my ex’s apology.
  8. My ex has issued an apology and now we are both ready to move forward together.
  9. Today, my ex apologized for all the pain they caused me.
  10. Today my ex and I both apologized for our role in the breakup and have made plans to move forward in a healthier place.


Positive affirmations to manifest your ex to fall in love

If your ex is not currently interested in getting back together, it’s hard to imagine them feeling the same way again.


Here are ten positive affirmations that will help you get his or her attention and make them fall in love with you all over again.

  1. My ex loves me deeply and wants to get back together.
  2. I know that my ex is thinking about me and has been for a while.
  3. My ex will come back to me at the perfect time because I am ready to love them again!
  4. I respect my ex’s boundaries right now, but they know I’m still here waiting for them.
  5. Every day, my ex gets closer and closer to wanting to be with me.
  6. My ex is initiating contact with me and wants to get back together.
  7. My ex still loves me as much as I love them and they are making the first move to prove it.
  8. My ex and I are starting a new relationship that’s better than ever before.
  9. My ex is always thinking about me and wants to be with me again.


Positive affirmations to remove a third party

If your ex has broken up with you and since moved on to someone else, you might feel hopeless.

All hope is not lost, however, as you can use positive affirmations to remove a third party from the situation!

The trick to removing the third party is to completely ignore them, treat them like they don’t exist, and focus on YOU.

This is how you will get the best results from the law of attraction.


So, here are ten positive affirmations to help you remove a third party. Get your ex back by strengthening your confidence that you are the best possible partner for your ex.

  1. After experiencing other people, my ex knows now that I am the only one for them.
  2. Our bond is so strong that nobody else compares.
  3. We are bound to eachother and have strong soul ties to eachother.
  4. The Universe put us together and we know it was meant to be!
  5. My ex’s interest in someone else is a blessing, because they will soon see that no one loves them like I do.
  6. I am so happy my ex has tried someone new so they now see how perfect we are together.
  7. No matter what, nobody can ever compare to the love we share.
  8. My ex is realizing that there’s no one else who can give them the attention I do.
  9. I trust myself and know that I am strong enough to keep my ex focused on me.
  10. Nobody compares to the bond we share and my ex knows it.


Final thoughts

Positive affirmations can take some getting used to if you’ve never regularly used them before.

It can seem silly or weird to affirm statements that are the total opposite of your reality.

Of course, the trick is to focus on one thing at a time and really believe the positive affirmation as you say them.

For now, try to incorporate 2 or 3 affirmations per day (yes, they can be cheesy) and soon you’ll see the results fast!


Oh, and by the way…

Don’t forget to download your free numerology reading!

If you’re serious about getting your ex back you’ll need to uncover any energetic blockages that could be standing in between you and the one you love.


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70+ Positive Affirmations To Manifest Your Ex Back (Law of Attraction for SP)