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How To Do The Magical 2-Cup Manifestation Method

Today I want to share my favorite way to use water to manifest with the law of attraction; the two-cup manifestation method!

Maybe you’ve heard of it before, maybe not.

But the 2 cup method is super easy, doesn’t require any materials that you don’t already have, and it really works!

Here’s how to do the two-cup law of attraction manifestation technique.

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Warning Before Trying The 2-Cup Method

two cups method dimension jumping

Before you even get started with the two-cup manifestation method, there’s something you need to do.

Make sure you’re in full alignment with the universe and your life purpose!

You see, it’s all too simple to mess up, otherwise.

You could get communication wires crossed, choose manifestations that go directly against your life path and life purpose, and wind up making choices that make your life worse than when you started!

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What Is The Two-Cup Manifestation Method?

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The two-cup manifestation method is based on an idea called “dimension jumping.”

Basically, with dimension jumping, the notion is that there are multiple realities existing on the same timeline, happening at once.

Theoretically, all of us, at any time, can “jump” dimensions and shift to any other reality of our choosing, hop right in, and enjoy those benefits.

The two-cup manifestation method is but one way to jump dimensions and it’s the easiest.


What You Need For The Two-Cup Manifesting Technique


To do this exercise, you’re going to need a few things:

1- Two cups (preferably glass)

2- A way to label the cups (a marker and some tape or water bottle labels)

3- Clear knowledge of what you want to manifest



How To Do The 2 Cup Manifesting Method

222 angel number


The two-cup method is super easy! Here’s what you do!

1- Fill one cup with water that you will drink, but leave the other cup empty

2- Label the cup with the water in it with your current reality

3- Label the empty cup with your desired reality

For example, let’s say you are tired of seeing all your friends get married and you want to manifest love for yourself.

In the full cup, you would briefly describe your current state. Maybe you say “single and lonely.”

In the empty cup, you write what you want to experience. Probably something like “happily married” or “engaged to my soul mate,” or whatever makes you feel good.


manifestation ex back twin flame love


3- Once the cups are labeled, take a few minutes to connect with your breath and ground into the moment. I like to focus on the emotions I will experience once I’ve achieved my desired reality. Will you feel happy, excited, relieved? Don’t spend a ton of time at this stage, but do try your best to connect with the vibration of the feeling.

4- While you’re in the moment of that high-vibe feeling, take the full cup and pour it into the empty cup. This is important. Water represents the flowing energy of your situation. As you pour the water into the new cup, be mindful of the way it feels to know you are reality and dimension shifting and taking control of your future.

5- Once it’s done, continue to vibe with the feeling of your transition and transformation. Experience the relief in knowing your shift is successful, and prepare to relax and allow your life to transform – because it will!

6- Drink the water and enjoy solidifying your transformation. Feel excited that your desire is on its way.


How Often Can You Do The 2 Cup Method?

pillow method manifest money

You might wonder how often you can do the two-cup manifestation method.

The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule for how frequently you can do any manifesting technique.

However, you want to give things time to work.

Think about it — if someone asks something from you, you say “yes”, but it takes you a little while to get around to it.

How would you feel if the same person kept asking you for the same thing or for something else back to back, before you get the chance to even respond?

Overwhelmed, right?

Same thing for the universe.

Ask for one thing, then wait patiently for at least a few weeks or a month. Ideally longer, but if you absolutely can’t wait, at least give it a few weeks.

And don’t forget to express gratitude!

Only asking and never saying thank you won’t get you very far.


How Long Does The 2-Cup Method Take To Work?

cinnamon salt money manifestation rituals

You can achieve results with the two-cup method very quickly if you follow all the steps carefully and believe you will shift.

Best practices are to give it about seven days and see if you notice any changes before trying again or adding additional approaches to the mix.


Final Thoughts On The Two-Cup Method

777 miracle technique

I hope you enjoyed learning about the two-cup water manifestation practice.

You should be able to manifest money, manifest soul mate love, or anything else you want into your life.

It’s worked for countless others, I know it can work for you too!

Oh, and by the way…

Don’t forget to get your free numerology reading if you’re serious about manifesting with the two-cup method!

Much of the time when things take longer than they should to manifest, it’s an alignment issue.

And you can clear that up lickety-split once you retrieve this highly personalized, unique information that can only be found in your report.

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