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How To Manifest A Specific Person In 4 Easy Steps

If you’re like most people, you probably have come to the law of attraction to manifest one of a few things — generally money, or love. And if you want to learn how to manifest a specific person, you’re in luck because that’s the topic of this post! So read on to discover exactly how to manifest your specific person.


4 Steps To Manifest A Specific Person

Here are the four steps you need to follow if you want to use the law of attraction to manifest a specific person or the perfect partner for you.


1- Get Clear On What You Want 

The first step to manifesting love or anything else you want to manifest is to have clear intentions.

It’s going to be hard for the Universe to understand how to deliver if there is any confusion as to what you want.

For example, if you go into it saying you want to manifest Kris into your life, that’s too vague.

What does that even mean?

Is Kris already in your life in some way? You have to be specific.

Do you want a relationship, do you want to go on a few dates, do you want to marry them?

Once you know what you want, the next steps are much easier to follow.

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2- Focus On What You Like About This Person

Next, once you have in your mind what you want the outcome to be, you need to focus on the good things that you adore about this person.

Much of the time manifesting a specific person is in a gray area. This is due to free will.

Can you imagine if someone was manifesting you against your will? (It’s happened to me before and it’s not fun.)

The thing is, you have to start focusing on the qualities of this specific person. Because they will always have the free will to choose their own path — no matter what.

9 times out of 10 you already know if you have half a chance to achieve what you want.

But here’s the trick.

By focusing on the qualities that you love most about this person, you set yourself up for success.

You see, you can’t always manifest an exact person. (Well, 90% of the time you can, but still.) Even if you don’t get this specific person to come into your life, you can still aim for the feeling and the good qualities this person brings to your life!

You want to let the Universe know that you are open to receiving what is for your highest and greatest good. And for the highest, greatest good of everybody involved.

Sometimes that’s a little bit different from your plans. You have to be okay with that going into this.


3- Focus On The Feelings Of Your End Desire

The next step is also feeling-based. Though, it is a bit different.

Instead of focusing on the ideal person, you focus on what it would feel like once you manifested love with them.

Let’s stay with the example above.

In step one, you decided you want to get married to Kris.

For step two, you began to focus on how Kris is supportive, funny, extremely sexy, and shares your values and goals.

In step three, you imagine how being married to Kris makes you feel.

Do you feel attractive, loved, secure, safe, and seen in a marriage with Kris?

Do you feel excited, energized, and full of passion living your dream life together?

By now, you should see the progression from step to step on how you can manifest love with a specific person.

Every step builds on the one before!


4- Rituals To Manifest Love With A Specific Person

Now that you’ve done steps 1-3, you’re ready to let the Universe know what you want.

Try one or more of the following manifesting rituals. 


777 Method: Create a positive affirmation based on the intentions and emotions you discovered in steps 1-3. Write it 7 times in the morning, evening and night for 7 days in a row.

LOA Scripting: Write a highly-detailed letter to the universe describing what your life looks like now that you’ve reached your goal. It’s important that the letter is in present-tense. Write it as if you’re writing a letter to a friend explaining how incredible your relationship is.

369 Method: Write your intention 3x in the morning, 6x in the afternoon, and 9x at night for 33-45 days straight.

It’s important that you have done steps 1-3 first. The rituals themselves are meaningless unless you have strong intentions and emotions behind them.

Do one at a time, see if it works.

If it doesn’t work the first time you can move to another.

You should have success after these!


Final Thoughts On Manifesting A Specific Person

Countless other people have had incredible luck manifesting love with a specific person — you can too!

Trust the process and follow the step-by-step guide in this blog post.

Results vary from relationship to relationship, but you can manifest a prosperous love life with your soulmate if you’re in vibrational alignment and you’re ready to connect on a deeper level.

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