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How To Use Magic Grabovoi Numbers For Manifestation (Cheat Codes)

Grabovoi numbers are special code numbers (similar to another manifesting phenomenon known as “switch words” that were invented by a Russian mathematician named Grigory Grabovoy. They use a technique called “radionic signatures” to manifest transformation in your life.

Whether it be for health, love, money, physical appearance, mood — anything you want you can achieve with these secret code numbers.

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The Secret To Getting Your Grabovoi Codes To Work

You may have heard that Grabovoi codes are evil…

That they were created by a weirdo who didn’t know what he was talking about…

Or that they downright don’t work…

But do you know the real problem with this? 

It’s that it’s possibly true for people who have NO clue what they’re doing! 

There are two types of people in life – those who follow the herd of negativity and assume that just because it doesn’t work for some people it automatically won’t work for them.

And people who see, know, and believe in their own potential to succeed (even when others can not).

The problem with people who don’t get good results with Grabovoi numbers isn’t with the numbers – it’s with THEM.

Most people have no clue what they’re doing and it shows.

The truth is that they – you – and everyone else on Earth – were born with a unique set of talents and gifts that can set you up for so much success with any manifestation method chosen!

And the key to unlocking your potential is neatly embedded in your numbers…

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. 

All you have to do is download your free numerology report, pay attention to what it says, and watch countless miracles unfold in your life. With NO extra effort on your part!

Imagine how your life would improve if you had a couple extra hundred or even thousands of dollars nestled comfortably and safely in your bank account by next week?

Or if the specific person you’ve been pining away for finally showed you interest back?

All because you spent two minutes of your time actually listening to what the Universe has to say?!

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It’ll be the most valuable two minutes you’ll ever spend!


How do Grabovoi numbers work?

The main way these special codes and radionic signatures work is that everything is energy. Every person, place, or thing on the planet share the same electromagnetic field but also have their own electromagnetic field.

If the energy of an individual electromagnetic field becomes distorted, problems like disease and malfunction occur.

Well, just like the distortions cause malfunction, you can repair them with the same energy and fix them too.

Grabovoi codes use the energy of numbers to repair these imbalances.


How do I use Grabovoi numbers?

Grabovoi numbers are so easy to use for manifestation.

You can use them in any way you wish!

The best way to think of them is as “cheat codes to the universe” for manifesting your desires.

You can use them in connection with other manifestation techniques, or you can totally replace your other writing manifestation exercises with Grabovoi numbers.

In the next section, you’ll find six techniques for using Grabovoi numbers to manifest.


1- Grabovoi Numbers Manifestation Journal

The first way you can use these magic numbers for manifestation is by writing your manifestations and putting the number on the same page. You can combine this with the scripting method by writing your letter to the universe, signing it with your birth name and date, and then write the Grabovoi code underneath.


2- Grabovoi Codes & 369 Method

Next, you can use Grabovoi codes to enhance your manifestations with the 369 method

Write your positive affirmations 3x in the morning, 6x in the afternoon, and 9x at night just like normal.

Just this time you want to write the code number at the end of each affirmation.

Actually, if you wanted to, you could write the numbers just once on each page.

But the more effort you put into your manifestations, the better!


3- 55×5 Method & Grabovoi Numbers

You can also try the Grabovoi method with the 55×5 law of attraction technique. 

Surely you notice a pattern by now.

There are so many different ways to manifest on paper.

All of them can have their power multiplied by ten and work so much faster just by writing the simple Grabovoi codes related to your desire.

And you can use the law of attraction to manifest literally anything you want…

Just believe and get started right away so that you don’t waste time…


4- Candle Magic & Grabovoi Numbers

Another popular method for Grabovoi numbers includes candle magic. 

You would get a colored candle that represents what you want to manifest.

So let’s say you want to manifest love — you’d get a red or pink candle.

If you want to manifest money — you get green or gold.

If you want to manifest protection or banish something or someone from your life, choose black.

Carve the Grabovoi number into the side of the candle. Or, if you have a glass candle in a container you can just write the number on the candle.

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Anoint the candle with a manifestation oil of your choice ( Art of the Root is highly recommended.)

Then hold your intention in your mind as you burn the candle.


5- Grabovoi Numbers & The Pillow Method

You can use the pillow method to manifest with Grabovoi numbers too.

All you do is write the code on a piece of paper, anoint it with oil (again, try Art of The Root oils), and sleep with it underneath your pillow at night.

Your desire should manifest within 8 to 10 nights if your intention is pure and if you’ve used oil.

If you don’t use oil or if you have subliminal blockages, it can take much longer.


When we write Grabovoi numbers on a sheet of paper do we fold it or leave it flat when we put it under our pillow?

As a quick note, if you use Grabovoi numbers with the pillow method, you fold the paper according to whether you want to “bring” your desire to you or “send” something away.

If you want to manifest something into your life, fold the paper toward you three times before putting it under your pillow.

If you want to manifest something out of your life (banishment), fold the paper away from you three times before putting under your pillow.


6- Repeat Grabovoi Numbers As Affirmations

Finally, you can memorize your Grabovoi codes and repeat them as affirmations several times a day, while visualizing your manifestation coming true.

You would just state your intention, then the Grabovoi number, say it three times and that’s it!


Grabovoi Numbers For Money

You can use these Grabovoi codes to attract money.

Keep in mind, you can use as many of these money manifestation numbers as you want.

However, the rules of the law of attraction and manifestation still apply.

You want to be in a state of gratitude more than you’re in a state of asking.

And you also don’t want to confuse all your intentions. It’s best to manifest just one thing at a time and focus really clear on that one thing, rather than being all over the place.


Here are some Grabovi codes for money: 

  • Grabovoi Number for Manifesting Money Fast: 520 741 8
  • Grabovoi Number for Manifesting Stable Income – 9213140
  • Grabovoi Number for Business Success– 71974131981


Grabovoi Numbers For Unexpected Money Example

Let’s say you want to manifest a quick $100 and you want to use Grabovoi codes to get there.

You could combine a few techniques together.

You could memorize the code for money “520 741 8” and then say three times “I am activating code 520 741 8 to attract money fast.”

It works best if you’re looking in the mirror. And yes, memorize it.

You could then write the code on a piece of paper and anoint it with Money Oil.

Then, put it under your pillow and you should have the money in 8 nights or less.


Grabovoi Numbers For Love, Self-Esteem & More

Grabovoi Codes for Manifestation (Cheat Codes To The Universe, Numerology, Law of Attraction)

The instructions to manifest with Grabovoi numbers are the same no matter what you want to manifest.

I might cover more examples of how to use Grabovoi numbers in other posts, but here’s a list of more numbers for now for you to choose from:

  • Grabovoi Number for Healing – 9187948181
  • Grabovoi Numbers to Manifest Love – 888 412 1289018
  • Grabovoi Number for Inner Peace – 1001105010
  • Grabovoi Number for Self-Love – 4818951749814
  • Grabovoi Number for Communication – 39119488061
  • Grabovoi Number to Manifest Beauty- 83585179
  • Grabovoi Number to Manifest Weight Loss – 5342168
  • Grabovoi Number to Manifest Fame- 8277247
  • Grabovoi Number for Romance– 3856794


Can you use Grabovoi codes for someone else?

You can only use these magic number codes for good intentions. They will not work to do bad things or to cause harm to another.

If you try to do this, you will manifest 3x worse in your own life.

So, if you want to use Grabovoi codes to manifest the attention of a specific person who is in a relationship already, you can’t use it to break up their relationship.

However, you can use Grabvoi codes to make yourself more attractive and more confident so that they pay attention to you.

You should always focus inward when using the law of attraction and manifestation anyway.

Whether you use Grabovoi numbers to get there or not.


How many Grabovoi numbers can we use at a time?

You can technically use as many Grabovoi codes as you wish, but I recommend sticking to just one intention at a time.

You can use three numbers for the same wish if you want, but things get too hectic if you set three different intentions that use different numbers.

Remember, clarity is key when working with the law of attraction and manifestation.


Are there any side effects to using Grabovoi codes?

Once the secret codes start working, you might experience some slight side effects.

You might feel a little tired at first, or even kind of sleepy and lethargic but this is how you know the process has taken hold.

The best thing to do is drink water and rest if you can.

You might also experience mood swings.

This is nothing to worry about.

Write in your journal and process your feelings.

All of this is a good sign that you are connecting with the energy of the universe, and your desire is going to manifest.

Good luck on your manifestations.

Oh and by the way…

Don’t forget that you can gain an unfair advantage working with these numbers and other manifestation techniques by getting your numerology report.

Get it now because the longer you go without this information, the more time you’re wasting.



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