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5 Magical Ways To Use Bay Leaves To Manifest Love

Whether you want to manifest your ex back, find your soul mate, reunite with your twin flame, or experience more love & romance in your current relationship, bay leaf manifestation rituals can help you manifest the love you need!

Bay laurel leaf is such a powerful herb.


twin flame love manifestation

It has many magical properties that help speed up the manifestation process.

Here are five quick and easy ways to use bay leaves to manifest love & romance into your life.
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Get The Right Bay Leaves

The first thing you should do is make sure that you have the right type of bay leaves.

For some of these bay leaf manifestation rituals, you can use flaked or powdered bay leaves you find at the grocery store. In those, you’ll be sprinkling the leaves or leaving them in their container.

For others, you’ll need large, whole bay leaves.

They’ll need to be big bay leaves so you have enough space to write your intention.

I recommend grabbing a bag of these from Amazon Prime. You can get them as soon as the very next day so you can get started manifesting love right away!


1- Write your wish on a bay leaf

The first bay leaf manifestation ritual is simply to write your wish on one of the large bay leaves.

A huge tip is to use red ink for manifesting love.

I like to keep different colored Sharpie markers on hand because color depends on what you want to manifest. Red for love, green for money, and so on…

Anyway, outside of the colored marker, you can keep it very simple, which is one of the benefits of using bay leaves for love.

Transferring the positive energy from bay leaves into your manifestations is super simple!

All you do is write your name on one side of the bay leaf along with your birthdate.

Then, write your specific person’s name on the other side and their birthdate.

Keep the bay leaf in your dominant hand (you send energy out with your dominant hand), think of your intention, then burn the leaf.

If you can gather some of the ashes and dump them into a potted plant or even in your garden, as the plants grow it symbolizes the growth of your love.


2- Put your wish under your pillow

One of my favorite bay leaf magic spells for love is putting your wish underneath your pillow.

This is kind of similar tothe pillow method, but a little different because it’s more of a bonding love manifestation ritual.

This one works best for relationships that already exist in some form and you want to strengthen them.

For this one, you write your name and birthdate on one side of a large bay leaf.

Then, write their name and birthdate on the other side.

Simply place this bay leaf underneath your pillow or even underneath your mattress while you sleep.

This will bond your relationship together tighter.

For extra energy, if you have a picture of the two of you together, you can add that as well.

It would also work if you have a picture of them and a picture of you and you put both pictures along with the bay leaf underneath your mattress or pillow.


3- Sprinkle over a red candle

For this bay leaf manifestation ritual you can use flaked or powdered bay leaf. You’ll just be using sprinkles.

What you do for this one is get a red candle and your bay leaf herbs.

Set the intention that your and your love will be joined together by performing this bay leaf love ritual.

You either engrave the candle if it’s just the wax candle, or you can write on the candle container if it’s in a glass candle holder.

You write your name and birthdate plus their name and their birthdate.

Then you burn the candle just a little bit until some of the wax turns into a pool of liquid.

You add some of the bay leaf sprinkles to the wax and then let the candle burn down.

You want to let the candle burn all the way down until it’s nothing. That’s how you’ll know the love spell is complete.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to do this all in one sitting. If it takes a week or two, that’s fine. Just make sure you burn it until it’s all the way gone.


4- Infuse your water with bay leaves

Next, you can infuse your water with bay leaves. Kind of like making a bay leaf tea, but it doesn’t have to be hot.

You just want to bless a few bay leaves with your intention, then let them soak in a glass of water for fifteen minutes.

Get water bottle labels and label your drinking cup with your intention.

Close your eyes, envision your love manifestation coming to life, and drink the water.


5- Label the bay leaf container

Last but not least, you can use flaked bay leaves for this.

All you do is label the container the bay leaves come in with your intention.

Bay leaves are great for love, but if you don’t give them a purpose, they can be more general too.

So it’s a good idea to label the container you store them in with a specific intention, then sprinkle your food with a few of those sprinkles whenever you can!

It’s a quick and easy way to keep the energy of your love manifestation flowing at all times.

You’ll manifest love so much faster by keeping it an easy part of your daily routine.


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