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The 30-Day Manifestation Journaling Challenge 

Did you know that one of the best ways to get started with manifesting is journaling? This 30-day manifestation journaling challenge is just what you need to get the most out of the law of attraction straight away…

You can get started any day of the month (though, of course, it’s great for a fresh new month or year!)


How to get the most out of this challenge

Congrats on taking the first step toward changing your life for the better by joining the 30-day law of attraction journaling challenge.

But before you even start with the first journaling prompt, you need to know the real truth behind what unlocks your manifestation power…

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Now, on to your journaling challenge…
 Manifestation Journaling Challenge Days 1-5

– Day 01: What do you expect out of the next 30 days?

– Day 02: Who would you like to be 5 years from now?

– Day 03: What advice could the version of you five years from now give yourself, today?

– Day 04: Who are 3 people who inspire your every day life and why?

– Day 05: What would you do with an extra $50,000?


Manifestation Journaling Challenge Days 6-10

– Day 06: What is one small thing you can do today to make your life feel a little bit more like your ideal?

– Day 07: Are there any undesirable people or habits in your life that are negative influences on you? How are they holding you back from being the best version of yourself?

– Day 08: What are three “power words” to live by?

– Day 09: Write a letter to yourself, from the perspective of the best version of yourself. What does he/she think about your current state of living and how might that Best Version of You suggest making changes?

– Day 10: What makes you feel most loved and appreciated?


Manifestation Journaling Challenge Days 11-15

– Day 11: In what ways have you been able to use your creativity these days?

– Day 12: What’s something small, yet important that you’ve been meaning to do but been putting off for no good reason?

– Day 13: Describe your perfect romantic relationship.

– Day 14: How long has it been since you’ve made a drastic change to your lifestyle? Are there small things in your daily habits and routines that could use tweaking today?

– Day 15: If you knew you had 30 days to live, how would you spend that time?


Manifestation Journaling Challenge Days 16-20

– Day 16: How can you use your creativity in ways that give back to others or the world at large?

– Day 17: Do you feel in control of your thoughts? Why or why not?

– Day 18: Are you passionate about something? What drives you to keep going every day toward your goal(s)?

– Day 19: Is there anything in your environment that’s holding you back?

– Day 20: Write out an encouraging mantra for yourself. Repeat it daily until it becomes a habit.


Manifestation Journaling Challenge Days 21-25

– Day 21: If you could give money three personality traits, what would they be?

– Day 22: Who are 3 people who have encouraged or inspired you to be the best version of yourself?

– Day 23: What support do you need from other people in order for this next month to be a successful one?

– Day 24: How have you been feeling of late? What’s going on in your life right now that may have caused these feelings?

– Day 25: What three words would your friends use to describe you? Do you like these or not? Why?


Manifestation Journaling Challenge Days 26-30

– Day 26: What words do you want to describe you? How can you behave more this way?

– Day 27: How can you be more generous with giving of your time, money, knowledge?

– Day 28: What do you feel most grateful for in your life right now?

– Day 29: Can you think of three actions that will move you closer to your goals today?

– Day 30: Describe your experience with this challenge. What have you learned?


Congrats on finishing the challenge!

I know not every day and every question was easy-breezy, but if you’ve made it this far you’re likely to have experienced one or more “aha” moments that will help you to manifest!

If you’re serious about going further, don’t forget to get your free numerology reading!

It’s the next logical step for you to take if you are ready to take the next step toward manifesting.


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