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How To Use The 55×5 Manifestation Method To Manifest Your Dreams

This is the ultimate tutorial for the 55×5 manifestation method – also called the 55×5 technique, or simply the 555 method.

In just 5 simple steps, you can use this powerful tool to connect with the universe and manifest nearly anything you want into your life.


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What is 5×55 manifestation?

The 55×5 manifestation method is a fast and easy method of activating your connection with the Universe to draw your desires to you.

It may seem too good to be true because it’s so simple – but sometimes the easiest pathways are in fact the most effective.

For the 555 methods, there are only five steps that you follow (but you have to follow them perfectly), and you can manifest almost anything you want.

It’s one of the best ways to get the law of attraction to work on your manifestation journey.


The 55×5 Method Step-by-Step

Here are all the exact steps to the 55×5 manifestation method.

Follow these in order, and you’ll get what you want quickly and easily.


1- Think about what you want

The first step to the 55×5 method is to think about what you want to manifest.

It can be anything you want – big or small.

If you’re just starting out in learning how to use the law of attraction, small things are probably best.

But there’s really no limit.

You can manifest something as small as a phone call or text from someone specific, go as big as a new job or even bigger!

The one thing to be mindful of is that you have some realm of possibility where this can happen in your life.

This is only a requirement because your biggest barrier will be belief.

You can manifest a penny on the ground just as easily as you can manifest a million dollars, but the difference is for most people you will believe you can manifest a penny.

Whereas you might have doubt about the million.

If you have doubt, the 55×5 method won’t really work because you’ll be sabotaging yourself, if that makes sense.

So, pick what you want.

Get an idea of what it is in your head.

And make sure that it speaks to you on an emotional level.

You want strong, positive feelings to help you become a vibrational match for what you want.

(This’ll bring you three steps closer to getting it!)

And once you’re finished with that, it’s time to move on to the next step!


2- Create a positive affirmation

The next step in the 55*5 manifestation technique is to create a positive affirmation for what you want.

This is the most important part!

If this isn’t done right, your manifestation won’t come into reality and will be sabotaged by lack of belief or even just fear.

So make sure to take some time on this step so it’s perfect!

For this, it’s important to create your affirmations in present-tense.

For example, instead of saying “I will have $20 in my bank account tomorrow.”

Say “My bank account is overflowing with money today!”

This way, your affirmation matches what it’s like for YOU to already have what you want.

It also eliminates any doubt because when you say “I will have” you’re actually manifesting that you don’t already have it yet.

It could be that you’ll never have it, because you’ll always be manifesting that you “will” someday.

This does take some practice to do well and make perfect because you don’t want the words to sound forced at all.

It should sound like it’s your natural state of being, even if you don’t currently feel that way at the moment!

So think about what words would make you say “yes!” to yourself and write those out for your affirmation.


3- Write it 55 times, 5 days straight

Now comes the actual manifestation exercise.

Write it 55 times, five days in a row.

This is where the manifestation happens!

Write the same affirmation on a piece of paper 55 times in a row.

Do not take breaks in between, and yes, you need to do this every single day for five straight days.

This is because the energy of the number 5 represents change and transformation and you absolutely have to do it this way or it’s unlikely to work.

(Unless you do a different manifestation exercise altogether… but for 55×5 specifically to work it must be the five!)


4- Keep your eyes open for signs it’s coming

The next task is really fun…

Watch for signs that it’s coming!

You should actually start to look for signs after your very first day of the 55×5 manifestation formula because sometimes if you do everything perfectly, it can manifest that fast!

(Some have manifested within hours of doing the 55×5 method before… so it happens!)

But, you want to see if you start to notice subtle yet positive changes in your life starting on the second day.

If you’re extra sensitive, this is a good thing to do right after finishing each time because it’s when you’ll notice things most easily…

So look for little signs that are clues to what might be coming soon… even if they seem impossible at first.

For example, if you want to manifest attention from a specific person, you could start to hear their name in passing and that would be a sign that the universe has your request.

Like if you’re manifesting Aidan to text you, then you turn on the TV or radio and somebody mentions someone named Aidan.

Or even if you’re at the store and a mom calls out to her kid running around and she yells “Aidan, get back here!”

That’s not just a coincidence… it’s synchronicity!

Your manifestation is on the way.


5- Express gratitude

Finally, the last step of the 55×5 manifestation formula is to express gratitude.

Expressing your gratitude for what you want shows that you’re ready for it now…

You can do this daily or just once, but either way, make sure to say thank you every day because it really helps open up more opportunities and speed things along even more.

(This is also why it works so well in combination with the Law of Attraction.)

So once you’ve finished your five days, say thank you and let go…

If something arrives sooner than expected, that’s awesome, but if it doesn’t happen right away that’s totally fine too.


How long does the 55×5 method take?

Most people manifest within a week or two of trying the 55×5 manifestation practice, but it’s not uncommon to manifest overnight as well.

Most manifestations should take about a week to come.

In some extreme cases, it could take a month or more, but that’s rare.

The more experienced you are with manifestation tools overall, and the higher your natural vibrational frequency, the easier and faster you’ll find manifestations.

That’s with the 555 method or other methods too.


Can I do the 555 method on my phone?

You should only use pen and paper to do the 55×5 method because it’s not the same if you use your computer or your phone.

It’s likely to be a huge waste of time.

The 55×5 method is about working with energy and feeling it, so you must do the 555 method by hand.

But, if you have limited time and want to try doing the 555 method on your phone, go for it.

Just be aware that it may not work out. 

If this happens, try again by hand and you should have better luck.


55×5 Manifesting Success Stories

Many people have so much success with the 55×5 manifestation method over the years and we wanted to share a reader favorite that we received by email:

So, a few months ago, Sharon was feeling really down about her financial situation.

She was really stuck, needed some money fast, and didn’t know what to do.

So, she did the 55×5 method for her dream job.

She used the positive affirmaiton “I am so excited about finding more money-making opportunities!”

She did the exercise five days in a row, and kept her eyes open for signs of what was coming…

Then, within 48 hours after finishing up with the 5×55 manifesting method, she got an email from a company she had applied to a long while before and never heard back from.

They’d been looking for someone just like Sharon, asking if she was still interested in the job!

Much to her surprise, the gig paid nearly double what she was getting before, and the workload was far more manageable as well…

Sharon is still working at her new company and is much happier and more financially secure than ever…

And this is just one 55×5 method success story out of dozens we’ve heard about…

So if you’re wondering if the 55×5 method works…

The answer is YES!

So make sure you get started with the 55×5 method as soon as you can. 

That way you can start to manifest your desires and stop suffering, wondering what might be.

Oh and don’t forget to get your free numerology reading!

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Try it and see for yourself!


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