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19 Fascinating Benefits Of Yoga For Women

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Yoga For Women

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, you’ve seen beautiful women and svelte celebrities twisted up into bendy poses looking amazing.

While there is definitely something to the sleekness and attractiveness of the yoga aesthetic, yoga is much more than a way for models and reality stars to impress and amaze their followers.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years, are a total newbie, or you’re just curious and considering giving it a whirl, here are 19 fascinating benefits of yoga for women.

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Improved Memory

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Dharana is a yoga practice focused on concentration. It relaxes the mind through deep breathing as well as enabling you to focus your thoughts on a single object. While all forms of yoga help you do this, one 2016 study found that dharana also increases circulation to the brain, increasing its ability to recall information, increases selection attention, and repetitive motor skills.


Better Sleep

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Women who suffer from insomnia or receive poor quality sleep will be happy to know that yoga is an effective solution. Practicing yoga regularly will not only help you fall asleep faster, but you’ll also have deeper and better quality sleep. A recent study shows that people who suffered from insomnia fell asleep 14 minutes after undergoing two months of practicing yoga for 1 hour each day before bed. This is likely due to the stretching and breathing that helped them become more relaxed mentally and physically, enabling their brains to switch off faster the moment they hit the sack.


Better sex

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Yoga has been used an ancient libido boosting practice in India since 200 b.c. The practice of regular asanas  (yoga poses), from sitting to standing to balancing, not only increased the body’s awareness but also reduced tension, thus releasing arousal-revving hormones. This led to increased lubrication for women and a heightened sense to achieve orgasm. Gettin’ bendy can help you get bendy (if you catch our drift). ????


Happier pregnancy

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A study from the University of Michigan conducted on pregnant women found that women who practiced mindfulness yoga pre & post pregnancy showed significant signs of reduced depressive symptoms. They also related to a stronger emotional bond between mother and newborn. Yoga also helped them stay healthy and confident, primarily through the physical changes their body was going through.  This is perhaps one of the strongest benefits of yoga for women on the list.


You have a more youthful heart

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No doubt any exercise is going to contribute to a healthy heart. The difference is yoga also improves internal blood vessel function. A study conducted at Yale University found that people who practiced yoga improved their blood vessel function. Those that also had heart diseases showed a 70 percent improvement in their heart functions.


Better digestion

yoga for digestion

Yoga is also beneficial to women because it directly aids digestion. Though it helps digestion on a general level by easing movement through the digestive tract, it specifically provides relief for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS symptoms such as constipation, gas, bloating and diarrhea are lessened through regular practice of yoga.


Helps with eating disorders

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For those suffering from eating disorders, practicing yoga has been shown to aid the process of recovery. While yoga alone isn’t the cure, the fact that it reduces stress helps create awareness and mindfulness, thus lessening obsessive concerns about weight as well as body image. Managing stress with a clear mind is an extremely effective tool that keeps negative thoughts about the body and eating at bay.


Migraine relief

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Migraines are vascular headaches that are caused by irritation and inflammation of the nerve endings in our brains. Yoga helps prevent migraines by preventing what are the triggers of it through stress reduction.


Boosts confidence

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A study conducted by the University of California found that women who practiced yoga had a higher percentage of body satisfaction, almost 20 percent higher, than women who did other types of exercise. The researchers at the university believed that this was because yoga did not focus on the overall aspect of how the body looks (think articles like three bodyweight exercises for a flat belly or 10 ways to improve your squats for a better booty). Instead, yoga focused on mindfulness, wellness and how the body feels.


You breathe easier

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Yoga breathing exercises, poses, and relaxation techniques can help alleviate symptoms of chronic lung ailments, bronchitis, and asthma. Yoga focuses on putting your mind and emotions at the center of your wellness and puts you in control. It also makes you more relaxed, allowing you to breathe easier. Your lungs naturally operate better, thus enhancing the airflow especially when you have an asthma attack.


Improves posture

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Several studies have shown that yoga is beneficial for good posture, and even potentially reduces the age-related condition, dowager’s hump (hyperkyphosis).

Benefits of improving posture include pain prevention, living longer and an increased overall sense of well-being.

Check out this list of 8 yoga poses to improve posture for some ideas on how to get started.


Increased happiness

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While not a cure-all for any mood disorders, studies have shown that yoga lowers depression and increases overall happiness.


Protects cartilage and joint breakdown

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Do you have knee pain? If so, you probably feel it’s not something that can be fixed. Well, like with many other things, yoga can help with that! One of the most likely causes of knee pain and weakness is the wear down of cartilage. While not a fast process, yoga can help your knee cartilage slowly regenerate over time, healing your knee pain.


Protects your spine

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Your spinal discs crave movement. They are so important because if they are out of whack, they can begin to compress the nerves in your back. Ouch. Yoga poses give your spinal discs the movement they crave, keeping them healthy.


Blood flow

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The benefits of yoga to the bloodstream are many. The relaxation exercises help increase blood flow to your extremities, and the increased blood flow brings more oxygen to your cells – helping them function better. Twists and turns wring blood out of your organs, allowing fresh, oxygenated blood to flow in. Inverted poses, like shoulder stands, pull blood away from the legs and feet. These are good if either of those extremities is swollen. Yoga also thins the blood, thus reducing the incidence of blood clots, which directly reduces the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks.


Boosts immunity

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All the movement involved in practicing yoga increases lymph drainage, which helps the immune system destroy cancer cells, remove toxins from the body, and fight infection.


Adrenal glands

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Yoga is great for your adrenal glands because it helps keep cortisol – the stress hormone – under control. Benefits of controlling cortisol include healthy immune function, better long-term memory, lighter mood, more regulated blood pressure, and decreased likelihood for emotional eating.


Yoga for sobriety

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Yoga is highly effective for those who are in recovery from alcohol addiction. Check out our list of 7 ways yoga keeps you sober.


Pain relief

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Last but not least, practicing yoga regularly may reduce or eliminate your need for over-the-counter pain medications. Yoga can help relieve common ailments such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis — without meds.


Many Benefits Of Yoga For Women

what are benefits of yoga for women

In conclusion, here are just a few examples of the many benefits of yoga for women. If you are curious about giving yoga a try, grab our free printable yoga chart! Enter your details on the form below to grab it, instantly. You can hang it anywhere you’d like. Refer to it as you get comfortable with the practice, and begin reaping the healing, transformative benefits, today!




Yoga Benefits For Women