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4 Fail-Proof Weight Loss Tricks That You NEED To Try This Season

Losing weight is a tricky thing. Sometimes you’re all in, going strong, making magic happen and it feels like you’re going to make it this time! Then oops… you fall off track, regain what you just lost, dust off your gym shoes (and your bruised ego) and have to start all over again.

Been there… done that… got the T-shirt.

Well, this go-round I’ve been more successful than ever before, and I want to share 4 weight loss tricks that have helped me maintain a relatively steady weight loss rate – without losing my mind!

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4 Weight Loss Tricks That REALLY Work

weight loss tricks that work


1- Try The 70% Rule To Lose More Weight

So, one of my favorite weight loss tricks lately is to try the 70% rule.

It’s so simple – you just get your plate and commit to taking a break after eating 70% of your plate, opting to drink water and let your food settle to see if you’re much hungrier.

You don’t have to do exactly 70%, mind you. It’s just a general benchmark.

But one weight loss tip that I used to see everywhere was to eat more slowly, and honestly? I don’t like to eat that slow!

If the food is good and I’m really hungry by the time I get to it (which is usually the case since I’m intermittent fasting), I want to go IN. Lol.

So, for me, getting my plate in front of me and mentally proclaiming how much I’m going to eat before taking a break is a really easy way to still slow down without doing it the insanely possible way of chewing slowly.


2- Add “Water Only” Days To Lose Weight Fast

weight loss tricks fast

So many people have issues with drinking calories. Whether it’s due to turbo-charging their coffee with sugar and creamer, drinking sodas and fruit juices, or even alcohol, liquid calories are a thing and can really add up.

A great weight loss trick to help with this is instead of cutting out caloric beverages altogether, why not have say… two or 3 “water only” days during the week?

Maybe Monday and Wednesday to start, then add in another day or two once you get used to that.

Of course, you still want to put in the effort to minimize your liquid calories on other days too, but if you’re an all-or-nothing type and find it easier to abstain than to moderate, this may be a good option.


3- Commit To *Something* Daily (Anything)

workout without food

Third, throughout my weight loss journey I’ve found that consistency is the hardest thing for me. Sometimes I can go a whole month or even more doing my 16/8 intermittent fasting while eating clean, doing cardio plus a little strength training most days.

Then other times life happens, and things seem to fall apart.

If you’re anything like me, it’s really easy to start beating yourself up over slipping up. When you’re on a good streak it feels amazing! Then when you slip off you can get down on yourself for being imperfect.

Well, what I do now is expand my definition of “consistent” to include ANYTHING that keeps me on track.


Redefining “Consistency” As A Weight Loss Trick

30+ pounds… and counting! 🙂

No, every week I don’t do 16 hours of fasting daily, hit 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit, do any of the 30-day fitness challenges I do each month, track my calories, drink a gallon of water and eat clean foods. But I’ve chosen to expand my definition of consistency.

No matter what I hit ONE of these, every single day, without fail.

So, for example, even if I go on a bad week where I eat out more than I’d like and don’t work out the way I should, I’ll consider myself “on track” or being consistent if I’m at least doing the fasting for 16 hours a day.

Or if I’m REALLY hungry or distracted by some social event and not fasting my normal hours, if I do choose to eat outside my fasting window, I at least make sure I select lower calorie ingredients, make sure I’m more active, drink my gallon of water, and do some exercise.

Of course, over all you want to be on target more than not, but life happens. We have bad days and weeks!

Over the past couple months, I can say I’ve been consistent with something every single day. Even if it was just drinking enough water.

Every little bit counts and it’s a good way to shift your perspective on your weight loss progress.


4- Be Willing To Be Hungry (And Realize You Won’t Die From This)

intermittent fasting diet

So, a huge reason why intermittent fasting even for just 12 hours daily works so well for weight loss, is that it teaches you to just let hunger happen and wait until your feeding window begins.

But if you’re not doing intermittent fasting regularly for whatever reason, it’s important to know that it’s OKAY to be hungry for a little while.

I think this is so important because everything is so fast-paced in society today. We’re always on the go. There’s fast food and convenient snacks everywhere. We’re always on our cell phones where we get any information we desire in mere seconds, so we’ve all been conditioned to have our desires and needs met so quickly.

With over 32% of Americans being obese at the time of my writing this, we could all seriously afford to let our hunger subside for a bit, I’m sure.

But with weight loss, regardless of what diet plan you are or are not on, allowing hunger to come and be like “okay I see you hunger, but I’m choosing to not deal with you right now” is just so powerful.

Really, what’s going to happen to you if you don’t eat in the moment that you’re hungry?

You won’t die.

You won’t even get sick.

What’ll happen is this…

You’re going to find something else to do. The hunger will pass. And you’ll eat later and be perfectly fine.

Even when I fall off intermittent fasting, there’s still benefit to letting hunger ride sometimes.

It’s a huge weight loss trick that will help you so much!


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