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8 Of The Best Weight Loss Motivation Tips For Women

No matter if you’ve got 10 pounds to lose or over 100, nearly everyone who has ever tried to lose weight can agree on one thing – losing weight is freaking hard.

Whether you’re eating clean and working out every day, trying the fad diet of the week, giving intermittent fasting a whirl or any other combination of efforts, it still takes commitment, focus, and time.

At the beginning of a new weight loss program, it’s easy. It’s a fresh new week or month (because let’s be real… nobody starts a new program mid-week or on like the 17th). You feel fired up because this time it’s going to be different. You’ve stocked your fridge with all the right foods, purchased that shiny new gym membership and maybe even meal prepped for the week. You are on it.

But after the first couple of weeks when you grow physically tired, mentally bored, and just downright hungry, things get a little rocky. 

What do you do when the motivation to lose weight subsides?

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How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

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Today we want you to know you’re not alone, girlie! We’re going to share 8 of the BEST weight loss motivation tips to get you through – and over – that slump. Because you can and will make your dream body a reality.



8 Weight Loss Motivation Ideas For Women

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1- Focus on performance, not appearance

This may seem counter-intuitive because most women want to lose weight primarily to look and feel good.

However, taking the focus off of vanity metrics and shifting to performance can seriously boost your motivation and outlook.

For example, we’ve all heard “muscle weighs more than fat”.

Whether this is true or not, no woman wants to work hard at diet and exercise and still weigh the same and look the same in her clothes, right?

Measuring your success through the new things your body can do will help with that!


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When you first begin jogging, maybe you can’t go very far. A month later, celebrate that you’re able to jog a mile without stopping now!

Or on day one you probably can do no more than two or three pushups. How exciting to make it to ten pushups for the first time?

Maybe it’s not exactly the measure of progress you’re looking for, but it’s something.

It’s a sign that even if you can’t see it on the outside, the big change is happening on the inside. And if you keep going and never give up, the two will soon match.


2- Track your ups and downs in a weight loss journal

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Journaling is the key to life! Well, maybe not life, but writing out your thoughts, feelings, and experiences is good practice for many big things in life – weight loss included.

This is not to be confused with calorie counting or tracking every morsel of food you put into your mouth.

That’s also a very good practice for weight loss, but the type of journaling we’d like you to consider gets more at the emotional, psychological aspect of diet and exercise.

Your daily weight loss journal should list your goals and anticipated challenges for each day, then have a section for your successes, failures, feelings, and how you can improve the next day.

We created the perfect daily diet and exercise journal for you that covers all these bases!

Enter your details anywhere on this page to gain access to your free printable weight loss journal!

It comes with 7 pages so it will last you a week, but feel free to print out more copies, put them in a binder and go for a month or longer!


3- A little friendly competition is a good thing

sobriety and weight lossFinding a friend or a group of friends to engage in a little friendly competition is a great tool for weight loss motivation. It shouldn’t be anything too intense.

You’re not trying to win a marathon medal.

But a good example is if you have a Fitbit, you can start daily or weekly challenges with your friends.

See who gets the most steps in a day, week, or weekend, or keep it as light as seeing who meets their individual step goal for the day.

Fitness is more fun with friends!


4- Focus on what you love about your body

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Even if you dislike your current shape and size, there is something about yourself you must love.

Maybe you are on the bigger side, but you’ve always had nice thighs (thick lives save lives – this is not up for debate).

Or you’d like to tone up overall, but you have a naturally smaller waist, so you still have an hourglass figure.

A big bubble butt, beautiful skin, nice calves… anything.

Women spend way too much time criticizing ourselves and not enough time loving on and appreciating our beauty.

Sometimes it’s good to reverse-engineer your goals.

Be thankful and appreciative of what you already have and going and getting more (or less in this case) is likely to follow.


5- Find a support system

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Similar to friendly competition in that it makes it a group effort, finding a support system is a great motivational tool.

Sometimes it can be challenging if you’re the only one in your household who has to eat a certain way or wants to change your lifestyle.

If this is your 15th time trying to lose weight, maybe your husband or partner just doesn’t believe you or support you the way you need.

Having some support system of friends or even strangers who are along the same journey and wants you to succeed can help.

To start, check out the reddit forum r/loseit.

It’s a great, supportive community of people from all walks of life who want to lose it – just like you!


6- Start the day with fitness quotes

Starting your day with a little motivation in the form of reflecting on a good quote can really take you far. Before you hop in the shower, read a weight loss motivation quote.

Reflect on it as you lather your body and take mental note of how you’ll care for yourself and work toward your weight loss goals that day.


7- Keep it fresh

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Boredom setting in is one of the top killers of weight loss motivation. The best cure? Keep it fresh and exciting all the time!

Keep interesting recipes in rotation.

Stay on the lookout for new, exciting fitness routines.

Scour Groupon for new ways to stay moving in your neighborhood and don’t be scared to try things.

Take a pole dancing class to get your sexy on – like why not?

If you’re really in this for the long haul, you’re going to have to find ways to keep from growing stagnant.

Make lists of things that you can try (maybe in the new awesome weight loss journal you’re going to download by signing up on this page, right)?


8- Have a dream body outfit

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Maybe you already have something that you used to fit and would like to wear again someday. If not, it might be motivating to buy a cute dress that you’d love to wear once you hit your goal.

Is a special occasion coming up, like your birthday, a wedding or a holiday? If you can, buy a super-cute outfit that’s a size too small, and commit to being able to fit it by that date!


Weight Loss Motivation – Get Some!

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Losing weight definitely is challenging, but there are steps you can take to make it a bit easier on yourself.

It’s common to lose motivation after the initial newness of your weight loss program wears off, but it’s not impossible to come out on top.

Go get ‘em!

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