37 Best Weight Loss Affirmations (That Really Work)!

by Allie McCormick

While it’s true that you simply can’t escape the scientific truth that you must burn more calories than you eat to lose weight, I want to let you in on a little secret. 

Keeping a positive mindset is critical to your success on your weight loss journey. 

When you’re overweight or obese in a society that constantly bombards you with images of the opposite, it’s all too easy to spend way too much time focusing on the negatives. 

Not feeling good enough, believe if you could just lose xx pounds, suddenly you’ll have no life problems and a world of opportunity will open up to you. 

Feeling like if you look a certain way, then you suddenly become more deserving of some of the better experiences and things in life. 

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the way you talk to yourself about your body affects everything. 

Think of it like this — if you start your day admiring yourself, feeling confident about the things your body can do, and the things you love about yourself… don’t you think you’ll have a better time than if you look in the mirror with disgust for the person staring back at you? 

But how do you create a positive mindset for weight loss? 

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how! 

How To Use Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

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If you don’t know what to do with this list of affirmations for weight loss, here are four ideas for how to get started!


1- Say Them Out Loud To Yourself

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A technique popularized by the late Louise Hay, known as mirror work, involves stating positive affirmations while you look at yourself in the mirror. If you spend just a few minutes each morning or night working on this technique, you’ll see great results!

The book Mirror Work is a 21-day program that guides you through the entire process. I used it earlier this year and it really jump-started my own weight loss efforts. I struggled a bit before trying this program, and it helped smooth things out quite a bit.

Many people (not just me!) report making sweeping life changes because of this book. Don’t just take it from me — check out the book reviews!

Check it out for yourself if you’d like to save time and jump-start your daily affirmation practice in a way that you KNOW will work.


2- Meditate Using Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

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Simply choose weight loss affirmations and treat it like a weight loss mantra. That means you repeat it over and over in your head while focusing on your breath.


3- Write Your Weight Loss Affirmations In A Journal

Writing positive weight loss affirmations in your daily journal or tracker is the perfect way to reap the benefits. 

When losing weight, it’s always a good idea to track your thoughts, progress, diet, and exercise anyway. 

Creating a daily habit of writing affirmations to lose weight only intensifies your results!


4- Posting Positive Affirmations On Sticky Notes

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Write your weight loss affirmations on post-it notes and stick them in places where you’re likely to see them. Like on your bathroom mirror or on your fridge.


5- Subliminal Affirmations

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If none of the above options suits you, you might like to try subliminal affirmations!

Subliminal affirmations are recorded affirmations played at a very low sound, underneath soothing music or ambient sound. That way, your conscious mind hears just the music, while your subconscious mind processes the positive affirmations!

A huge benefit here is that you can basically manifest on auto-pilot! Play your subliminal affirmations while working out, doing chores, or even sleeping. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started using affirmations.

To try it out totally free, download the “Lose Weight Fast” subliminal affirmation and see how you like it! 



37 Of The Best Weight Loss Affirmations To Lose Weight Fast

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Here are 37 of the weight loss affirmation that really work to help you meet your weight loss goals!


  • I completely and fully love and accept myself.
  • I enjoy a strong mind-body connection.
  • Everyday I grow more in love with my body.
  • I am grateful for all my body does for me.
  • I am free of guilt from poor dietary habits of the past.


  • My health improves each and every day.
  • I enjoy nourishing, healthy foods.
  • I am constantly shrinking in size each day.
  • Healing is occurring in my mind, body and soul.
  • I release any guilt I hold around food.


30 day ab challenge


  • I feel incredibly sexy at my natural weight of ____ pounds.
  • My body is my sanctuary.
  • I feel my fat cells shrinking by the minute.
  • I can feel my body sliding into my size ___ jeans.
  • Losing weight is so easy for me.


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  • I am fully in control of my appetite.
  • I am in total control of my food choices.
  • Every cell in my body is vibrant and strong.
  • I have full capacity to create healthy habits.
  • I enjoy eating slowly to experience my meals.


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  • My desire for unhealthy foods is diminishing daily.
  • I release excess weight from my body.
  • I am the perfect weight for my height.
  • Keeping fit brings so much joy to my life.
  • I have fun expending energy through movement.


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  • I am capable of reaching my weight loss goals.
  • My metabolism is speedy and efficient.
  • I love the nourishment of high vibration foods.
  • My digestive system flows effortlessly.
  • I release temptation to eat to excess.


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  • I love what I see when I look in the mirror.
  • My curves make me so unique.
  • I dress in a manner that accentuates my features.
  • I am confident in my appearance.
  • My dream body is the body I inhabit.
  • I love improving my physical fitness.
  • I am so beautiful.


Final Thoughts On Using Positive Weight Loss Affirmations

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Weight loss affirmations can be incredibly powerful tools to help you improve your health and trim your body, yes. But equally as important — they help you to love and accept your body as it already is.

Hopefully this list of 37 affirmations for losing weight will help you move closer to obtaining the body of your dreams.

Wishing you luck on your quest to lose weight! 




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