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Intermittent Fasting

How To Track Intermittent Fasting & Workouts [Video]

After trying intermittent fasting and experimenting with different tracking methods, I noticed a problem. 

Some planners would have slots for calories and exercise tracking, but they lacked space to track intermittent fasting.

There are a few intermittent fasting apps that you can use for free, but you have to log your workouts elsewhere. 

Bummer, right?

I knew exactly what I needed but couldn’t find it anywhere… so I made my own! 

Enter the 12-Week Intermittent Fasting Fitness Planner.


12-Week Intermittent Fasting Fitness Planner

I’ve received a couple questions lately about how to use the planner to track intermittent fasting. 

So, I recorded a 7-minute video going through exactly how I track intermittent fasting & workouts using the 12-Week Intermittent Fasting Fitness Planner!

In the video, I show how to track your daily fasting and workouts, plus how to log your weekly body measurements, weight and how to journal for weight loss.

I hope the video answers any questions you may have!

In the section below, I’ve linked to everything mentioned in the video.  These helpful items will get you started on the path to losing weight safely and quickly with intermittent fasting.

If you have additional questions, feel free to leave a comment, ask in the 30-Day Fitness group or shoot me an e-mail.

Happy Fasting!

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The ONLY Intermittent Fasting Planner You’ll Ever Need!


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16/8 Intermittent Fasting is one of the best ways to lose weight fast! If you are new to intermediate fasting for fast weight loss, here is how you can track your intermittent fasting food for best intermittent fasting weight loss before and after results for women!


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How To Track Intermittent Fasting & Workouts [Video]

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