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8 Reasons To Start A Sobriety Blog (Quit Drinking & LOVE It)!

Would you like to effortlessly quit drinking, have fun, help others, make new friends and earn money too? If so, starting a sobriety blog just may be THE thing to change your life!

In this post (and the 7-minute video within), I’m going to share 8 INCREDIBLE reasons why you just might want to start a sobriety blog!

Ready? Let’s get started.

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8 Reasons To Start A Sobriety Blog

start a sobriety blog

Keep in mind everything I suggest and teach here on the blog is not meant to push you toward taking any specific action. There are SO many ways to reach the end goal of sobriety!

My purpose is to just share everything I’ve learned, all that I’ve been through, and hopefully inspire you to reach your end goal or at least open your mind to new possibilities.

Even if you hate writing or think this isn’t for you – you don’t know until you at least try! So, remember – the goal here isn’t for you to hop up and start a blog right now. Just keep an open mind and be willing to receive any inspiration or have an aha moment! It could literally turn your entire life around if you let it.


1- It Totally Relieves Early Sobriety Boredom

intermittent fasting results before and after

When you first quit drinking one of the biggest challenges you might face is boredom.

If you were drinking too much, chances are it took up a LOT of time.

Time spent thinking about alcohol, going to purchase the drink, actually drinking it, the socialization that comes along with it (assuming you weren’t always drinking alone), recovering from drinking, then cleaning up the mess you made while you were drunk.

Drinking is one of the most time-consuming vices out there!

So, naturally, when you give up drinking you have a metric ton of free time on your hands.

Free time that if left unmanaged and unfilled, can lead to boredom, which leads to relapse.

The best cure for early sobriety boredom is to fill your time with fun, exciting hobbies that benefit you on multiple levels.

Now, there are tons of ways to get there. You can engage your creativity by taking up art or music, start a side hustle, try gardening and cooking, upgrade your skills and education, or take up a sport…

But blogging is a top candidate for filling up your time.

Why, you ask?

That brings me to point #2.


2- Starting A Sobriety Blog Will Level Up Your Skills

sobriety blogging

One of the 5 components to achieving a state of positive sobriety is making personal development one of your main focuses. How do you do that? Level up your skills!

Of course, there are many ways other than blogging to do this.

You can take online or in-person courses in a field of interest. You can try different hobbies. Or you can practice in other ways.

But let me tell you, as a sobriety blogger, you’ll have to wear many hats – and the skills you learn work wonders for your self-confidence!

To run a blog you’ll have to learn how to start it, level up your writing, learn how to communicate with people better, figure out some basic design concepts, learn promotional strategies, deal with social media… then if you want to go even farther down the line you might want to start a YouTube channel, create items to sell… the things you’ll have to learn are endless!

But in just a few short months of learning the blogging ropes, you’ll find you’re quite a powerhouse of a lady who has ALL these new abilities and skills that you didn’t have before!

How cool, right?


3- A Sobriety Blog Will Lead You To Your Tribe

passive income kindle instructions

If you choose to quit drinking without AA like I did, you might find it can get a little lonely.

You may still have tons of drinking friends. Your coworkers still drink. And your husband probably still imbibes too, right?

So, without AA or other support groups, who do you lean on? Who just automatically “gets it”?

Your sober blogger friends and social media buddies, that’s who!

Through blogging I have found such a warm, motivating, supportive community of strong, ambitious, beautiful women from all walks of life, all ages, races, religious backgrounds and all… but we support each other, motivate each other to keep going and really have each others’ backs.

And this whole community is accessible to you right from the comfort of your own home!

If you love AA and need it – please continue! You must do what works for you!

But if you just don’t want to go that route yet don’t want to be ALONE-alone… starting a sobriety blog is the cure.


4- Writing Is The Best Therapy For Those In Recovery

best pinterest course for bloggers

Here on the Sober Alley blog you’ll hear me say all the time that “writing is the best therapy for those in recovery”.

Now I don’t mean writing should take the place of actual therapy or counseling if you need it. Please, always, go get the help you need!

But writing is seriously transformational if you take it seriously and make it a conscious habit.

There are many different things you should be writing – which I’ll teach in future posts, videos and e-mails – but starting a sobriety blog will knock much of that right out of the park!

Whether you choose a sobriety journey-style blog that’s more personal and about you, or a sobriety recovery advice-style blog that is aimed at helping others overcome their struggles, you will absolutely benefit from writing consistently on the entire topic of sobriety.

It will get you to think in different ways, and the feedback you receive will be mind-blowing!


5- A Sobriety Blog Gives You Accountability

I think most of us who try to quit drinking eventually hit a wall of temptation where we feel having “just one” might be okay.

If you’ve been sober for 100 days and feel confident and secure that you’re “fixed”, then on day 101 think you can flirt with the beast again and not get destroyed – there is nothing like knowing you’ll have to tell this whole community of people who are reading, watching and learning from your story, that you drank.

I don’t know about you, but that whole idea is appalling and has been a deterrent for me on more than one occasion in the earlier months of my recovery from alcohol.

It’s worth just that alone, to me.


6- As A Sobriety Blogger, You’re Giving Back

Alcohol detox for women

As someone who achieves any length of sober time, it’s your duty to give back to the cause and help pull others up.

Sobriety is such a tricky thing, and with the way it’s portrayed in the media as this hard, dark, scary thing – more people need to come out and share their stories and their successes to let others know it doesn’t have to be that way, and that they’re not alone!

I struggled really hard with sharing my story and my opinions and advice in the beginning because at just 100 days sober, I felt like a fraud.

I felt like I could still relapse at any moment, like I didn’t really know what I was talking about, and that others would be like “why should I listen to this chick”?

But the fact of the matter is that no matter where you are, there’s always somebody who’s just behind you, who is about to face the problem you’ve already conquered.

You can help them!

EVERY story is worth sharing. No matter how recently it began.


7- Your Sobriety Blog Is An Automatic Archive Of Your Journey

yoga for adrenal glands

One of the reasons I recommend writing so much in so many formats is that it creates artifacts for you to review later.

In my one-year sobriety journey update I explained how I reviewed every single artifact I created in my year of sobriety to reflect on how far I’d come, what lessons I’d learned and for just… memories.

My reasoning was so I could teach and show you my exact approach and give you plans and ideas for how to achieve your own state of positive sobriety, but I also got something really healing from that review.

It’s SO easy to take where you are currently in life for granted.

Kind of like how you see yourself every day so if you’re losing weight others see it before you do?

You’re living your current life and it’s a 24/7 thing, so it’s so easy to accept it as the status quo.

Well, instead of having to write so many separate journals for everything, starting a public sobriety blog IS your archive!

When you hit 6 months or 1 year or 3 years sober – something you never thought you’d see – you can go back to your first posts!

Let me tell you – it will bring you to tears to see some of your early worries and struggles that have faded away into nothingness.

It gives you a deeper appreciation and understanding of where you are and HOW you got there. And heightens your sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.

It’s legit, and worth the effort.


8- You Can Make Great Money As A Sobriety Blogger!

passive income work at home

Finally, perhaps one of my favorite things about sobriety blogging is the money!

There is SO much money to be made in blogging over all. I mean some of the top bloggers clear 6-figures MONTHLY! #goals

Even though I’m not there yet, I’m proud to say that I’m earning over $1,000 per month just from my blog at 9 months in!

Whether you think this is a little or a lot, it’s money that I would not have had I not started this blog 9 months ago, and it makes me feel so good to have that income from sharing my story and passion with the world in a bright and colorful way, from the comfort of my home!

There’s so much more to learn and I’ve got so many skills left to master before I start to collect the really big coins, but man… I’m so thankful for where I am now, and I know I COULD NOT have been this focused and consistent if I was still drinking.

So, if drinking is going to be a money-killer, do you think I’m going to be doing much more of that?

No ma’am!

I have exited stage left and no longer want to participate in that drama.

PRO TIP: If starting a sobriety blog sounds like something you’d like to try and you want to get started on the right foot right away, this is the #1 course on how to start a profitable blog that I highly recommend. If you only make ONE blogging purchase, this is it!

Click here to grab Suzi Whitford’s amazing course on how to start a blog! 


Quit Drinking And ENJOY It: Start A Sober Blog!

How to stop drinking alcohol: Want to quit drinking alcohol and love it? Start a sobriety blog! Start a blog for sober living, chart your sobriety journey and start the new year off right with dry january! Chronicle your healthy habit new year's resolution and start a sober blog to make money online while living healthy and staying sober with sobriety for women!

So, there you have it! 8 incredible reasons why you should consider becoming a sobriety blogger!

Even if it doesn’t seem like something you’re thrilled to try, you might want to give it a whirl anyway.

Sometimes the thing you least expect can turn out to be the missing ingredient to finding your peace.

And every story really is important.

My goal, as always, is to help you recreate and share yours.



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