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51+ Self Concept Affirmations (Law of Assumption)

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably heard all about the law of assumption and how you can use it even better and faster than the law of attraction to manifest things into your life. 

Well, did you know that self-concept affirmations can help you super-charge the law of assumption? And that positive affirmations are some of the fastest and easiest ways to help you get there?

Yep, it’s true!

Today you’re going to learn the best self-concept affirmations to help you activate the law of assumption.


What is self-concept?

Self-concept is simply the idea of how you see yourself.

Having a strong self-concept means that you know you are unique and different.

You won’t let others define you or influence what you think about yourself.

You should be proud of who you are and how you think!


What is the law of assumption?

The law of assumption is the idea that whatever you assume or expect will automatically become fact.

It’s like planting seeds in your subconscious mind and expecting something to grow.

You automatically assume that just because you think it and want it, that it’s true and it will happen – there is no room for doubt.

This law helps you manifest things much faster than the law of attraction.

It’s because there is no resistance…when you don’t resist an outcome, it automatically becomes yours.

The law of assumption works based on your imagination.

If you can imagine something, you can create that very thing, and that’s what manifesting is at the core – creating your desire in 3D.


How self-concept helps with the law of assumption

Most people are unaware of their mindset and their self-concept, and this is what usually holds them back from manifesting.

If you don’t have a strong self-concept, you can wind up paying too much attention to the negative messaging that surrounds you every day.

You will start to believe that the differences that make you unique are somehow weird and strange and that you will have problems manifesting the life you want.

Or, you’re not good enough, and you’ll never be able to achieve your goals.

Of course, these kinds of feelings of low self-concept can help you to assume negative outcomes rather than positive ones.

So instead, a strong self-concept helps you ignore all those negative messages to keep yourself focused on what it is that YOU most desire…

Instead of assuming that you’re weird, different, too fat, too young, too old, not funny enough, not smart enough, etc…

You assume that you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re a star, and anybody would be lucky to have your attention.

IT’s a much healthier mindset for attracting your desires.


How do you shift your self-concept?

The simplest way to change your self-concept is by becoming aware of your current self-concept.

That often means becoming aware of how you were brought up and what messages you’ve been listening to.

You’ve been bombarded with harmful messages about yourself and your self-worth before you could even understand what was happening.

So, these messages are embedded in your subconscious mind.

And working on your self-concept means evaluating what you’ve been thinking and hearing all these years and working out what is true.

And then, when you find you’re thinking or harboring negative thoughts, you replace those old thoughts with the truth of who you are!

One of the best ways to change your self-concept is to repeat positive self-concept affirmations.

Here are some of the most powerful ones to get you started.


51+ Self Concept Affirmations (Law of Assumption)

  • I am a magnet for all good things.
  • I know I can manifest instantly and perfectly.
  • I have so many positive qualities.
  • I am the best manifestor ever and I always get what I want.
  • I am a powerful manifestor.
  • My reality is a manifestation of my thoughts.
  • I can have, do or be anything I want!
  • Nothing and no one holds me back from living my dream life.
  • Everything always goes the way I want it to in my outer reality.
  • I can have whatever, whenever, however I want.
  • I do goal setting so perfectly.



  • The 3d is my slave, it follows every command.
  • My external reality always matches my personal goals.
  • I can manifest anything I want at any time.
  • My imagination is my superpower.
  • I am an unstoppable power of manifestation!
  • I have insanely healthy self-esteem.
  • I am a powerful force of attraction.
  • Every day I manifest dreams into my real life.
  • I can create anything I want with my thoughts!
  • I deserve to have great things happen to me my entire life.
  • The more good things that happen, the more good things I attract!
  • I am such a beautiful person.



  • I am literally superhuman.
  • I am a superhero.
  • I can say and do whatever I want with ideal consequences.
  • Everything always works out perfectly for me.
  • I never fail, I succeed every time!
  • The 3d does everything I want it to do.
  • My reality is perfect as it is now.
  • The more happy and positive thoughts I think the more good things come to me.
  • Life is good!
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I am light, I am love and it’s all happening perfectly!
  • Everything always works out for my highest good.
  • I do things perfectly.



  • My reality is a manifestation of what I think about most.
  • It’s impossible for me to fail when it comes to manifesting.
  • I am effortlessly and automatically manifesting!
  • My imagination is my strength.
  • I can do whatever I want with life, consequences be damned.
  • Life is fun and it’s easy for me to get what I want.
  • This reality we live in is always a manifestation of my thoughts.
  • Everything always goes the way I want it to.
  • I deserve to have good things in my life.
  • I am a magnet for all good things!
  • Everything is going better and better every day.
  • I deserve the best things in life, effortlessly!
  • Life loves me and supports me at every step.
  • Life is on my team!
  • The world is a manifestation of my innermost thoughts.


Final thoughts

These self-concept affirmations will help you create the life of your dreams.

Remember, you always have control over what you create in your life.

It all starts with your imagination and your mindset.

So focus on building a strong, positive self-concept and begin using the law of assumption to magically create the life you so deeply desire.


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