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6 Plant-Based Meal Prep Tips For Weight Loss (Meal Planning Tricks)

If you want to lose weight and clean up your diet, meal prep and planning is essential.

The problem, though, is that meal planning and meal prep can be tedious.

But trust me, if you don’t try new foods and rely only on what you already know, it’s too to get bored with the same old meals day in and day out.

I have great news for you, however.

Meal prep and planning don’t have to be such a drag.

Along my journey to losing over 50 pounds, I’ve found so many ways to make meal planning and meal prep so easy and fun! 

This blog post will provide six tips on how to plan your meals so that they fit your needs.

Ready? Let’s go!

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1- Choose The Right Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan For Weight Loss #1

The first thing you need to do is pick the right meal plan for you! There are so many different meal plans you can choose from, but you need to consider a few things:

  • Does the meal plan have recipes that you think you’ll enjoy?
  • Is the focus of the meal plan on foods that will actually help you lose weight?
  • Does the meal plan have ingredients that you think will be relatively easy to get your hands on?

All of these things can make a difference between successful, weight loss-promoting meal prep and a meal-prep that will leave you feeling discouraged.

To help you out, I’ve done all the hard work for you!

I created delicious, low-calorie, plant-based meal plans that will take the guesswork out of ALL of these questions!

Before I had meal plans at all, I tried to eat cleaner to lose weight and it was all vegetables and beans!

And while those are healthy in their own right, sometimes your taste buds just need something different.

This is why my plant-based meal plans include a wide variety of flavors, textures, and colors.

You’ll lose weight by eating food that you actually enjoy.

It’s crucial to your success!

Click here to check out the plant-based meal plans and start shedding those pounds right away!


2- Read The Plan & Instructions Thoroughly

Plant-Based Meal Plan For Weight Loss #2

Veggie Detox Wraps from Meal Plan #2

The next tip is once you get your meal plan, make sure you open it, look at the grocery list, and read ALL the instructions.

That way, you know what to expect before you even get started.

Many people think that meal planning and prepping is a one-time thing.

But really there are several parts to the meal planning and meal prepping mindset.

In a way, you’re always going to want to be prepared for the next step well in advance.

So as soon as you *get your meal plan*, go through all the instructions.

It helps to know what to expect in a few days when it’s cooking time!

Download your meal plan and read the instructions right away… then by cooking day you’ll know what to expect!


3- Keep Your Plan Where You Can See It

Plant-Based Meal Plan For Weight Loss #2

Chickpea Lettuce Tacos from Meal Plan #2

It’s tempting to just download your meal plan and take a look at it…

But if you want to make this really work, keep that plan where you can see it!

That way when you’re in the grocery store or cooking up some dinner ideas (or even better-cooking time!), you’ll be “in the zone.”

One of my biggest tips for losing weight is to keep your motivation and inspiration in front of you.

All day, everyday.

You have to stay focused.

You can not drop the ball.

Once you put it out of your mind, you get too comfortable and fall off.

So, keep the meal plan somewhere you see it.

Know what you’re going to be doing or eating on what day — it goes such a long way!

*Download your meal plan*, print the chart, and put it on your fridge right away.


4- Shop & Prep In Advance

Plant-Based Meal Plan For Weight Loss #3

Black Bean Quesadillas from Meal Plan #3

Remember how I said earlier that meal prepping and planning isn’t just a one-time thing?

Plan to do different steps on different days.

That way you won’t ever feel burnt out.

As an example, let’s say you plan to do the actual cooking part of your meal prep on Sunday.

(I love Sunday because it’s super chill and it’s the perfect day to prep for a fresh new week.)

You don’t want to download the meal plan, go grocery shopping, prep the foods, cook them, store them in your fridge, AND have to clean up the kitchen all in one day.

That’s a recipe for disaster!

Instead, make sure you have your meal plan in hand, printed out, reviewed, and posted on your fridge by Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday night or Saturday morning, you’ll want to get your grocery list and head to the store or farmer’s market to get what you need.

Saturday night, make a routine of prepping for Sunday.

I like to wash all my greens, chop all my veggies, blend any seasonings or spices, and make sure the kitchen is all clean for Sunday.

Then on Sunday, all I have to do is throw things together, store them in the fridge, and clean!

It’s so much easier that way.

You’ll save yourself so much time and frustration.

And you’ll feel great!


5- Eat A Full Meal Before Meal Prepping

Plant-Based Meal Plan For Weight Loss #3

Crispy Cauliflower Power Bowl from Meal Plan #3


The next tip I have is to eat a full meal before you start prepping.

Trust me, once you get deep into the meal prepping process and you have all those aromatic herbs, spices, and sauces cooking, if you’re not well-fed you’re going to go nuts!

I like to have a large breakfast Sunday morning before I start my meal prepping.

You gotta fuel up!


6- Make Meal Prep Time Fun

Plant-Based Meal Plan For Weight Loss #4

Finally, make meal prep time something that you enjoy!

I love listening to plant-based podcasts while I prep each week. Not only does it keep me inspired and motivated to stick with it even when I don’t want to, but I always learn something new and interesting.

Beyond that, sometimes I love blasting my 90’s R&B songs and dancing around and singing while I cook!

My husband and son sometimes look at me like I’m a little crazy but hey — gotta make it fun!


And That’s About All!

before and after fasting results

I hope you enjoyed the meal prep tips I’ve shared and that they help simplify the meal planning process for you.

Don’t forget to browse my growing collection of meal plans, and pick the one that speaks to you the best!

I know you’re going to absolutely love the food (and how lean you get after eating it!)

Good luck!


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6 Plant-Based Meal Plan Tips For Weight Loss