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Meet Sarah Ordo — Sober Since May 2015

The Sober Inspiration Series is a sequence of interviews with regular women, just like you and me, who have overcome alcohol dependence, abuse, and addiction. We feature women from all backgrounds and walks of life and praise all methods of recovery from addiction, whether support groups, higher power, rehab, counseling, DIY or a combination of all the above. Please join us in celebrating these strong, successful women. If you’d like to share your story, check out the interview instructions, and let us know.


Meet Sarah Ordo



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Can you share a little about yourself?

My name is Sarah Ordo and I do LOTS of things… chronic overachiever lol! I am a self-published author, YouTuber, podcast host, makeup artist, entrepreneur, dog mom, and Mindset Transformation & Sobriety Coach.


Can you share your experience with alcohol?

I will be 3 years sober on May 25th, 2018! Woohoo! I was an excessive binge drinker and drank to blackout any time I drank. I got myself into many dangerous situations and often work up not knowing where I was or who I was with. I was addicted to the party lifestyle and I definitely used alcohol to drown out the emotions, feelings, trauma, and mental health issues I didn’t want to face.


How did you know it was finally time to stop drinking?

I ended up being rushed to the ER after a night of partying involving an extremely large amount of alcohol and a lethal combination of drugs. My body started to shut down in response to all of it and I had a seizure and bit half way through my tongue. I had to be monitored in the ER until I was stabilized again after almost going into cardiac arrest. A doctor told me he didn’t know how I came out of it alive. I scared the people that cared about me to death that night and having to apologize to them the next day after they spent all night terrified about if I was going to live was gut-wrenching.


What method(s) did you use to quit drinking?

I used my stubborn, hard-headed personality to force myself to not give myself any other option than to be sober. I told myself failing was NOT an option, and gave myself no other choice than to stay sober. It was a conscious effort and decision, and I had to shift my mind to that place permanently. Church, The Universe, & Higher Powers were pivotal to my staying sober. I also began going to a Therapist, who I still see weekly.


What was your biggest challenge with getting sober, and how did you overcome it?

Letting go of my old life was hard… the people, the lifestyle, and the familiarity. But facing and dealing with my depression and anxiety was the hardest part of sobriety for me. When you aren’t used to feeling all of those heavy emotions, they can swallow you alive.


What are the top benefits you’ve experienced since quitting?

My whole world has shifted. I see what I am capable of and what a beautiful life I have not without alcohol. I have better relationships with people, I feel incredible, and I’ve never been so clear and ALIVE in my life. I’ve also had the opportunity to share my story with my followers in my books, podcast, YouTube, and coaching. It has been THE most rewarding part of the whole journey.


What is the best advice you can give to someone who is struggling with alcohol abuse?

Be open and accepting to help because there are SO many people out there that want to help you.[bctt tweet=” If you can’t do it on your own it does NOT make you weak or a failure. It takes strength to ask for help and be open to taking it.  -Sarah Ordo” via=”no”]


Share with us three people in the sobriety or personal development space you recommend checking out?

Stephanie Churma of The Good Love Co. (sobriety advocate and relationship coach), Rachel Hollis (author), and Cara Alwill Leyba (best selling author and empowerment of all things female).


Do you celebrate your sober anniversary in any special way?

I try to plan a trip every year around my anniversary of sobriety. It is such a HUGE accomplishment and should definitely be celebrated! This year my boyfriend and I rented a home with the BEST inground pool near West Palm Beach for a little getaway. On my one year sober anniversary I got a tattoo of my sobriety date to commemorate my first year.


Do you have any products or services that you provide? Please share a little about your offerings and where we can find you on the internet!


Instagram  |  YouTube  |  Books on Amazon & Kindle  |  Podcast: Her Best F***ing Life  |  Website & Blog

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