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Is It A Good Idea To Manifest A Specific Person? (YES!)

If you’re wondering, is it a good idea to manifest a specific person? you will get different responses based on who you ask. In this article, you will discover all the reasons why you absolutely should manifest your specific person… (you just may be surprised by what you read!)

Let’s get started…

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Reasons why not to manifest your specific person

This article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t at least briefly cover the reasons why people say you should not manifest your specific person.

Some people give reasons such as:

  • You’re taking away free will
  • You may not be sure about what you want
  • You may not get along

But none of this makes any sense if you fully grasp two things: how manifestation works in the first place, and your own personal power!


How manifesting your specific person works

The first objection is the way manifesting your specific person works.

It’s not so much about taking away someone else’s free will as it is about naturally and energetically drawing them to you.

  • It’s about becoming so aware of your value, your worth, and your goodness.
  • It’s about your belief and knowledge that you are worthy of love.
  • It’s about knowing what you want and going after it with all your heart.

It’s these things that naturally attract your specific person to you.

You become a magnet for them, and they can’t help but be drawn to you!

Furthermore, when you manifest your specific person from a place of genuine love, desire, and respect, you are not violating anyone’s free will.

You are simply allowing the universe to bring you the person who is the best match for you!

The thing is, there is no “perfect person” or “perfect relationship.” 

As long as you focus on bringing positive energy into your manifestation, you will have a manifestation journey that is pleasant and fruitful.

And that means you can move forward with creating and living your dream life with the type of relationship you desire. 


Why not knowing what you want isn’t a thing

The second objection is that if you manifest your specific person, you may not be sure about what you want.

However, this objection makes no sense whatsoever.

You know what you want because you feel it.

If you are so spiritually and psychically in-tune with your special person and you have already validated the signs from the universe that this is the direction to go in, it’s almost an insult that you don’t know what you want.

It’s true that sometimes things don’t go as planned in relationships, but whether you manifest your specific person or not, that can happen anyway.

That is true free will.

You and your dream partner are both on this planet living this human experience to grow and evolve. 

You will both change no matter if you used manifestation techniques to draw them to you or not.

And yes, what you want sometimes changes over time but this is not unique to life experiences brought about by spiritual practices. 

The freedom to move forward and have the confidence to go after what you want to experience in your life, regardless of the consequences.

Why would you hold yourself back from living the beautiful, romantic destiny that you believe is for you because you think you “may not know what you want?”

That is such a bad idea that makes no sense.  

That is coming from a place of spiritual lack and uncertainty – and those things will prevent you from manifesting anything – specific person or not.

That is acknowledging that you don’t have personal power and strength to make choices and live potentially imperfect experiences.

And that is not what the Universe wants for you.


Reasons to manifest your specific person

Now that we’ve covered why some of the most common objections to manifesting your specific person are complete rubbish, here are some of the reasons why you should try it for yourself:


1- Honoring your authenticity and vibration

First, when you manifest your specific person, you are drawing them to you based on your authentic self and vibration.

You are elevating your self-concept and self-perception and using your unique energetic qualities to draw them to you.

This is so much more powerful than any type of “game playing” or “strategy” you could ever use.

Some dating websites will teach you how to manipulate people and say catchy phrases or teach you what to text – and these things may work, but they aren’t authentic to you!

When you manifest your specific person the right way, you actually have greater chances of them coming to you and having a truly happy relationship than you would if you went other routes.

You are using your own personal power to create the wonderful relationship you desire, and that is special!


2- It’s personal and natural

Manifesting your specific person allows for the natural flow of love between the two of you – free from outside interference or opinions.

There are different ways and processes you can use to manifest your specific person.

And by evaluating them all and choosing the path that feels best for you, you are taking full responsibility for your love life!

This is incredibly empowering.

There are two types of people in this world…

Those who trust their instinct and intuition and those who don’t.

Choosing your ideal person and doing what it takes to bring them into your life means you are the latter.

It means that you trust in your own spiritual guidance and instincts – and you are willing to follow them even when it’s not the popular opinion.

Manifesting your specific person also allows for a very personal connection between the two of you.

It allows for a seamless blending of your vibrational energies and almost insulates you from outside negative energy.

It’s not about “scoring” or impressing someone – it’s about a deep, soulful connection that can only come from honoring your own wants and needs and being vulnerable enough to share them with another person.


3- You co-create with the Universe

When you manifest your specific person, you are actually consulting with the Universe for approval.

Because honestly, manifesting your specific person does NOT work if the Universe is against it.

Have you ever had a relationship in the past where you just “fell into it” and it turned out to be awful for you?

Of course you have!

And so have countless others.

This is because the Universe was not involved and did not approve the union.

Imagine taking the time and doing the work to get spiritual approval for your relationship, how beautiful and thriving it would be?

When you think of it that way it almost makes no sense to skip this crucial step.


4- You get clarity on what you want

When you make the decision to manifest your specific person, you are essentially giving yourself permission to get very clear on what you want in a relationship.

You are no longer just “settling” for anyone who comes along – you are now actively seeking out your ideal partner.

So much of the process of manifesting involves gaining clarity, setting intentions, visualizing your desired outcomes and more.

All of this intentionality is so healthy and puts you in control of your love life instead of leaving it up to chance.


5- You get to know yourself better

Last but not least, the process of manifesting your specific person is also an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better.

You will be doing a lot of soul searching and reflection, asking yourself tough questions about what you want and need, but also what you have to offer.

It’s so easy to just go about life letting relationships fall into our laps, but when we put in the effort to manifest our specific person we are forced to really look at ourselves and figure out what we have to offer another human being.

And this is an incredibly valuable exercise that will serve you well in all areas of your life – not just love.


Final thoughts

When it comes to manifesting your specific person, there are pros and cons to consider.

Weigh them out and decide what feels best for you.

But know that if you do manifest your specific person the right way, it will be an incredibly beautiful and fulfilling experience!

Never let anyone scare you from moving forward and using the tools at your disposal to create the life that you want to live.

You are powerful and dynamic, strong and capable.

And you deserve the absolute best when it comes to love.

So go out there and manifest your specific person – and don’t settle for anything less.



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Is It A Good Idea To Manifest Your Specific Person? (Yes, And Here's Why...)