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8 Terrible Law of Attraction Mistakes That’ll Block Your Manifestations

Did you know that there are 8 main law of attraction mistakes that manifestation newbies almost always make? Here, you’ll find a list of these top blunders and learn how to avoid them so you can get the results you want!


1- Not knowing your soul mission

The first law of attraction mistake you’re probably making without even knowing it is not knowing your soul mission.

I know you’re probably thinking “what does that have to do with manifesting weight loss, money, or love?”

The answer is — a lot!

It turns out that getting clear on your soul mission is the foundation for everything else.

If you don’t know what it is, then you’re going to have a hard time changing things like your beliefs, actions, and feelings in order to attract what you want.

Because you won’t know where to start!

For example, let’s say your soul mission, life purpose, or spiritual contract is to be a healer, but you don’t know that yet.

You want to manifest money so you go on a hunt for jobs that “pay well”, right?


Learning that you are supposed to be a healer and have spiritual gifts (even if you don’t know of them yet) might lead you down a different path.

Knowing this information can open you up to a world of opportunity.

So maybe you use the law of attraction to manifest money, then you start to notice classes for learning healing modalities like Reiki for example.

You realize maybe you could take a course and exchange money for helping people heal their bodies and their lives!

Something totally absurd that you’d never have even considered before, but it’s so on your wavelength now and your entire world has now opened up.

This is just one example, but hopefully you get the point!

The basic idea is that you can’t truly be on your soul path until you know what it is.

And if you try to manifest things that are not in line with who you really are, then you’re going to get confused because the world around you and inside of you is constantly contradicting who you think you are.

You can learn your soul mission and life path right now, totally free, with a numerology reading. 

It’s so life-changing, babe, try it and see!


2- You don’t know what you want

Next on our list of top law of attraction mistakes is not knowing what you want to manifest.

One of the most important points to using the law of attraction is clarity.

So many times people know they “don’t want to be single.”

But what kind of relationship would make you happy?

Do you want someone to travel with?

Someone who brings you flowers every Friday night?

Someone to marry and have ten kids on a farm?

You need to get super clear on what you want, but before you do — you have to know what that is!

It’s okay to know that you’re unhappy with your situation and not yet know how you’d like to change it.

Just know that until you gain clarity you’re going to have a hard time manifesting.

For help with this, try writing a scripting letter to the universe about your ideal life.

It’ll help you figure out exactly what lights your soul on fire.


3- You’re starting too big

Another one of the top law of attraction mistakes is starting too big.

It’s so true that you can manifest big things just as you can small ones.

But if you’re totally new to the law of attraction, it’s a big mistake to start manifesting a million dollars or your dream house straight away.

It’s a good idea to start manifesting small thing first!

That way you can gain confidence that the law of attraction works, and you can gradually work your way up to bigger and better manifestations.


4- Too many things at once

Next, while it’s possible to manifest more than one thing at a time, manifesting too many things at once (especially if you’re new) is one of the biggest law of attraction mistakes you can make!

If you’re going to start working with energy for the very first time, then you’d better get it right with just one thing first!

Take baby steps, get proof that the law of attraction works for you, then you can work on more complex manifesting techniques and structures where you’re attracting multiple things at the same time.


5- You’re in a negative space

Next on our list of the top law of attraction mistakes is being in a negative space.

You’ve got to feel good about what you want if you want it to come into your life!

If you’re feeling frustrated, sad, or angry at any point during your manifestation process then those feelings are going to pull towards more unhappy things.

You will absolutely attract what you think about and feel.

So try to raise your vibration before starting any law of attraction rituals or methods and you will have better results.


6- You’re not taking inspired action

Another one of the top law of attraction mistakes is not taking inspired action.

What this means is that you’re thinking about what you want, but you’re not pushing yourself to go out and get it.

You might know deep down that if you don’t take any action on your thoughts then they’re never going to come true!

But people get the law of attraction confused all the time.

Sometimes you may see people online or on YouTube talking about how they manifested $10,000 overnight with little effort.

This can and does happen (it’s happened to me before!)

But it’s not the usual result.

There’s nothing wrong with hoping this type of thing will happen to you.

In fact, if you work with the energies of the universe long enough — it likely will!

But you should just assume you’ll have to pay attention to your intuition and follow the hints you receive that nudge you closer to your goals.

Want to manifest weight loss?

Don’t just drive by the new gym down the street when you notice it the next time you’re out.

Go in, apply, and commit to a workout regimen!

That’s inspired action, in action.

This is how you will get the best results from the law of attraction.


7- Lack of gratitude

Next, while it’s a good idea to send out thank yous to the Universe for all of your manifestations, remember that you have to be grateful BEFORE your wishes come true.

How so?

Well, if you’re not thankful now then why would the universe want to reward you when something eventually happens down the road?

If you’re reading this right now on your laptop or phone, you have more than a few things to be grateful for (even if your life sucks!)

Be grateful for electricity, your phone, technology, space and time to read an article about something that interests you, or even the ability and knowledge to read!

There are countless things you can be grateful for.

All you have to do is take a look around and really appreciate all that you have.

The more grateful for all that you have in life, the better your manifestation results will be.

It has a kind of self-reinforcing cycle about it, where you’re appreciative of what you have and so you attract more things to be thankful for.

Don’t wait for the law of attraction to start working before you express gratitude.

Treat gratitude as one of the most powerful law of attraction techniques to employ.


8- You’re desperate

Finally, many people make the mistake of being too desperate to manifest their desires.

Of course, everyone deserves great things in life, but you have to consider the source.

Desperation is not attractive and it makes you unattractive to the universe!

What you want is to become a match for the universe.

You want the universe to adore you and see you as the gorgeous, high-vibe, radiant person you are!

Be patient and allow your manifestation energy to work for you — don’t let it go out into the universe all downtrodden.

Remember, you’re in control of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings at all times.

Don’t freak out and let desperation take over before your manifestation even has a chance to show up.

The law of attraction isn’t something that happens overnight — it takes time!

Remember that and you’ll be on your way to manifestation success.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this list of law of attraction mistakes and are keen on how to avoid them in the future!

The law of attraction can seem kinda hard and chaotic at first.

If you’ve had little success lately, try these tips to see if they help improve your result.

And don’t forget to get a copy of your numerology report!

I promise it really will help you manifest so much easier.

(even if you do nothing else on this list.)


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