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The ONLY Intermittent Fasting Planner You’ll Ever Need!

Like many women around the world, I’ve been on a crazy, loopy weight loss journey for far longer than I’d like to admit.

After obsessing over quietly admiring the outrageous intermittent fasting weight loss results of other women, I finally chose to jump in and give it a try.

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1 Month Intermittent Fasting Before & After Results

Intermittent fasting really works for fast weight loss! But did you know you can fast just 12 hours instead of 16?

My intermittent fasting results were astounding!  

Much to my delight, I lost 12 pounds, 8 inches and 3% body fat and it wasn’t even that hard!

Good, right?

I think so too!

One major problem I had, though, was tracking.


Intermittent Fasting Planning & Tracking Problems

me in my wedding dress before and after weight loss

There are a few decent ways to track your fasting, which I discovered pretty quickly.

First, I started with a printable intermittent fasting tracker, which honestly wasn’t my favorite thing in the world.

I mean printables for some things are cool, but for something that requires multiple sheets over multiple weeks, I find it clunky and cumbersome.

So, I moved on to one of the many intermittent fasting tracker apps available on Google Play.

That really works well and would be my preferred method of tracking, except I ALSO really do enjoy working out (sometimes) and want to track that, too!


Regular Fitness Planners Don’t Cut It

weight loss hacks and motivation

I have tried so many different regular fitness planners over the months and years, but they just don’t really cut it either for intermittent fasting.

Many of them have things you really don’t need if you’re fasting and lack things you do need.

For example, many planners allow you to track food intake and calories, but with intermittent fasting, you’re not tracking your food. You’re tracking when you eat instead of what you eat. So that’s useless.

Other regular fitness planners I found were missing other things I really like, such as enough slots to track body measurements, space for before and after pics, and pages for notes.

I think weight loss is deeply personal and I’m a huge fan of journaling and note-taking.


I really wanted ONE planner where I could have all my intermittent fasting and weight loss needs taken care of, you know?


Like, why have one planner to track my exercise, another to track my intermittent fasting start and stop times, and yet another to track my emotions and thought process?

And I don’t like the thought of going through all this work to take care of my body from both a physical and mental standpoint, then at the end just have a useless notebook that I throw away and never see again.


So, I Created The PERFECT Intermittent Fasting Planner!

How To Track Intermittent Fasting

Instead of sitting around just wishing for the right thing, I created it myself!

The video on this page shows the inside of the planner and gives more detail about what’s in it, but if you want a bullet-list, it includes:

  • 12 weeks of intermittent fasting tracking sheets
  • A slot for before & after pictures
  • Pages for journaling and notes
  • Pages for tracking both strength training and cardio workouts
  • Attractive, feminine design


The 12-Week Intermittent Fasting Fitness Planner is available on Amazon Prime, meaning in some US locations you can receive it the very next day at no additional charge! Get your copy and start losing weight right away!

The ONLY Intermittent Fasting Planner You’ll Ever Need!