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How To Manifest Weight Loss Super Fast (Lose 14 Pounds In A Month)

Last night before bed I was reflecting on how I manifested weight loss fast with the law of attraction.

I remember struggling so hard in the past!

But as soon as I started working with the energy of the universe, the weight started to melt off.

It was kind of incredible how quickly the pounds came off once I changed my mindset for the better.

And I want to drive that point home to you today.

I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it – so you can try it too!

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1- Get Clear On Your Intention

manifest weight loss quicklyThe first step is to get clear on your intention.

I know I fell down a spiral of wanting to lose weight but feeling very vague about it.

didn’t know what I wanted to get out of it.

Once I got clear about wanting to lose at least ten pounds in a month, things were more set in stone.

Beyond that, it’s important to think about how you want to feel.

For me, losing that ten pounds would make me feel sexier, more confident, and more energetic to handle my daily routines.

I had to really focus in on that intention and the reason behind it!

So once I knew the physical manifestation I wanted plus the emotional manifestation of weight loss, it was game on!


2- Script Your Weight Loss Manifestation Success

weight loss manifestation

Once you know how much weight loss you want to manifest and how you want weight loss manifestation to make you feel, you’re ready for step two.

Write a letter to the universe about your weight loss manifestation success story!

This process is known as law of attraction scripting, and it is extremely powerful!

The way it works is you date a letter a month in the future, then write in extreme detail about how you feel in your new body.

The thing is you have to write it as present-tense.

So you don’t say “I want to or hope to manifest weight loss.”


You write an excited letter that reads like this:


“Oh my gosh I’m so excited because I lost weight and now I enjoy my new body every day! I fit in my size 4 jeans so easily and I have so much energy, it’s amazing. The best part is that it has been so easy for my body to naturally melt into the body shape and size that’s right for me, and it’s such a fun, high-vibe lifestyle. I’m getting so much positive attention and I feel so good about myself. I’m able to show up in the world the way I’m meant to, and it’s even better than expected to manifest this weight loss so quickly!”


Of course, your letter would be more specific to you.

But the thing is you need to visualize what this outcome will be.

It’s not so much about the letters on the page. The way you feel is most important!

Scripting and writing this letter is just bringing them to life and combining emotions with desire.

It’ll be one of the main keys toward your manifesting weight loss!


3- Follow The Signs & Instructions

weight loss manifestation success story

Once you do the first two steps, it’s time to sit back, wait, and listen for signs and signals to tell you what to do next.

But it’s not enough to just sit around and wait.

You won’t really be able to defy the laws of physics or biology. You’ll still need to take action in the physical realm.

But the thing is, whatever messages you get next will be the best ones for you, to make you manifest weight loss in the easiest way with the least resistance.

This is important.

For me, a few things came up.

First I kept feeling a pull to eat higher vibrational foods. It wasn’t really that I went on a “diet” (I hate dieting and don’t ever do it.)

It was more like I started to feel like I naturally wanted to eat foods that looked, smelled, and felt how I wanted to feel – light on my feet, bright, vibrant, grounded.

So I started to naturally desire bright foods! I remember going crazy over oranges at the time. And bright greens! So weird to look at now, but that gentle nudging to eat foods that represented how I wanted to feel was HUGE!

Another thing that kept coming to me was DETOX. Stop drinking caffeine and alcohol for a bit. Cleanse all the old gunk out of my system and stop bad habits for a while.


bay leaf manifestation ritual weight loss


I was unsure how I was supposed to detox.

But for a few days after doing the visualization scripting letter to manifest weight loss, I swear I just knew. I felt it in my bones that I was supposed to do a deep cleanse.

That’s when I discovered what I now believe 100% is what really melted the weight off so fast.

It’s a healthy, detoxifying, body-slimming weight loss plan called The Smoothie Diet!

I’d seen it floating around the internet a few times over the past couple months but always ignored it.

But during this process of knowing I needed to detox based on the signs from the universe for how to manifest weight loss, it clicked for me.

The answer had been staring me in the face all along!


369 manifestation weight loss tips


The very first day I tried it, I instantly felt changes happening within my body on a cellular level.

It instantly removed my cravings for junk and caffeine, and let’s just say the smoothies began to cleanse my whole body and detoxified me just the way I thought I needed.

I started noticing weight loss manifesting within the first three or four days, then starting the second week of taking it things really accelerated!

At the end of it all, I manifested 14 pounds in the first month, then went on to lose another 16 over the following two months, for 30 pounds total in a few months without much focus on exercise.

Isn’t that neat?

If you want to manifest weight loss for yourself and you’re reading this right now, the universe makes no mistakes.

You probably will also need to detox your body, cleanse and reset, and flood your body with organic green superfoods, veggies and such that will give you energy and raise your vibration.

The Smoothie Diet has hands-down been critical to my success in manifesting weight loss. It’s probably a message from the universe telling you it’s something you need to try too if you’ve been struggling with your weight for so long.

But I don’t want to jump too far ahead. You still need to take more steps.

You MUST listen when the universe speaks to you.


4- Make It A High-Vibe Part Of Your Life

369 manifestation method

Once you know what you need to do and have listened to the instructions, you need to make it a part of your daily life.

You can’t do the Smoothie Diet once, lose 10-20 pounds in a month, then go back to how you were before.

You need to be consistent.

Every morning, reflect on your goals. Write them down. Repeat positive affirmations for weight loss and of love and success and appreciation for your body and all it does for you.

Do your Smoothie Diet and enjoy it, knowing you are on your way toward manifesting your dream body.

Practice pausing before you eat and honoring what your spirit wants you to consume. Move with grace and ease and you will be moving in the right direction.

At night when you go to bed, visualize what your next day will look like and how you will continue to listen to Spirit and the universe and how you will be guided toward manifesting your weight loss.


Final Thoughts On Manifesting Weight Loss

me in my wedding dress before and after weight loss

The truth is that manifesting weight loss may seem hard, but once you understand that all you need is clarity, emotion, attention, and repetition, everything falls right into place!

I hope you got something good out of this and that you get that slim, svelte figure you want.

And that you get it quickly!

Oh, and don’t forget to get The Smoothie Diet so you can lose weight even faster than you would otherwise!


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