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3 Believable Excuses For Not Drinking Alcohol


Excuses For Not Drinking Alcohol

Picture this. Drinking is part of the company culture where you work. Schmoozing with clients over fancy meals is the norm. Celebrating wins with coworkers after big projects is all but guaranteed. “Not drinking” is unheard of.

Since joining the team you’ve been totally on board. Everyone knows whiskey sours are your thing – they don’t even have to ask. Recently, you’ve concluded that your drinking is out of control. You want to take a break from alcohol, but everybody’s going out for drinks this evening to celebrate Tim from HR’s birthday.

How will you explain why you’re not drinking?

If you’re considering taking some time away from alcohol but fear consequences of honestly explaining this unexpected change to others, this article is for you.

In some cases – like with your significant other or close friends you’re vacationing with – being honest about your intentions is recommended. However, broadcasting that you are having problems with an addictive substance at work is a totally different story.

Here are three creative excuses for not drinking alcohol (that still have some truth to them) to tell people who have no business knowing all your business.

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1. Weight Loss Reasons

sober weight loss

Confessing you’re not drinking because you’re trying to lose weight is probably the easiest. At any given time, weight loss is a goal of many. Everyone knows alcohol is insanely caloric. It makes perfect sense to eliminate those calories while working on your physique. Therefore, saying you’re not drinking due to weight loss is one of the best excuses for not drinking alcohol, period.

The only caveat here is you should probably make sure you eat a little cleaner in front of these people. Or better yet – make improved health and fitness an additional goal. Use some of the time and money formerly spent drinking to actually improve your fitness!


2. A Challenge Or Bet

stop drinking 100 days

Confessing you’re not drinking because you made a bet is perfect. This is doubly good if you start on the first of a month. Triple good if you start at the beginning of a notorious “sober month”, like “Dry January” or “Sober October”.

Telling loose acquaintances who you see frequently enough something like this can actually help hold you accountable, too. You don’t want to deal with comments about why you’re drinking when you said you wouldn’t – trust me.

Still, this is another of the best excuses for not drinking alcohol.


3. Medical Reasons

woman with headache, migraine, stress, insomnia, hangover

Perhaps the least comfortable of excuses for not drinking that would still work is a medical reason. You don’t want to say anything too far-fetched. Something like “I don’t like the way my stomach feels” works just fine. And heck – it’s probably true.

If you’ve been drinking too much you likely have some physical ailment. You’re probably lethargic, your head hurts or your stomach is in knots. “I don’t really feel too well today” is good enough to stop most people from pressing. And if you want to test the waters and slow down drinking but not stop altogether, it’s a shorter-term excuse than the others. It leaves you with an “out”.


We Shouldn’t Need Excuses For Staying Sober

Alcoholism recovery for women: When you want to learn how to quit drinking it can be challenging to know what to say in public when people are used to you drinking alcohol. How do you avoid drinking alcohol at the party without outing yourself for having a drinking problem or alcohol addiction? Here are 3 convenient excuses for why you're not drinking!

Overall, it’s a bit disheartening that we live in a society where you need an excuse not to put poison in your body. With most other drugs – even marijuana (which is quickly becoming legal in many jurisdictions) – nobody bats an eye if you say you don’t use. With alcohol wreaking havoc on so many lives, the opposite should ring true.

[bctt tweet=”Maybe someday things will change. Maybe people will think more critically about the role alcohol plays in our lives. One day saying “I’m not drinking tonight” will be met with celebration instead of inquisition.” username=”soberalley”]

But until that day comes, you need to be prepared to explain why you’re not drinking. Keep a few excuses in the back of your mind before the situation arises and your next happy hour could be the happiest yet.

Cheers to that.





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  • Aundrea

    Thank you for this blog. Today is the first day of changing my life. Myself and my husband, (who like yours doesn’t drink to the same extent as me) are beginning a three month sober living challenge. It would be great if we had sober friends but the only sober people we know are our two kids and brother. We look forward to this new adventure and bought bikes to give ourselves a new activity to explore. Really will start a positive journal and will remain supportive with one another!

  • Allie

    Hi Aundrea, thanks for your comment! Congrats on making the decision to try sobriety on for size. It’s outstanding that your husband is doing it with you. I think that’s probably the most important thing. It’s definitely a lot harder if you have to do it alone and your partner still drinks in front of you!

    Best of luck to you, and I hope you let me know how you do! 🙂

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