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How Can You Use Manifestation to Lose Weight?

This blog post is for you if you are looking to lose weight and want to know how manifestation can help.

In this article, I will be talking about the best, fastest ways to use manifestation as a tool for reaching your ideal weight.

Manifestation has been proven to work in many different situations, so it may also be able to work for your goals of releasing excess weight as well.

If you would like more information on weight loss manifestation, read on!

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What is manifestation?

55x5 weight loss manifestation

Manifestation is simply the process of making your desires come to life.

Sometimes, people think manifestation is like magic or something otherworldly.

And, I mean, it certainly can be if you want to think of it that way.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When you’re sitting on the couch and get hungry, you think “I want an apple from the fridge.”

If you get up, open the fridge, get an apple, come back, sit on the couch and take a bite, you still “manifested” that apple!

You can manifest things by making them, going to get them, purchasing them, asking for them, or any other way.

It doesn’t have to be some magical, woo-woo concept.

Understanding this is the first step to learning how to manifest a successful weight loss journey. 


Manifestation is an inner process

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Going a little deeper, manifestation is an inner process that involves what you think, feel and believe.

This is a way to tap into your subconscious mind in order to encourage new positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about yourself which can manifest good things.

Yes, you can think yourself into attaining the perfect body, releasing extra weight, and improving your relationship with food!

The law of attraction and manifestation rest on the idea that “thoughts are things.”

Because everything that exists in this world, someone thought of it first at some point.

Manifestation always begins with your thoughts.


How do you use manifestation for weight loss?

how to manifest weight loss

There are many different ways that you can use manifestation for weight loss.

For example, if you want to lose five pounds in the next month and have read about how people do this with visualization exercises, then it would be a good idea to spend at least twenty minutes per day visualizing your new body.

You can try one or more manifestation exercises such as the 369 manifestation method, scripting, or the 55×5 manifestation method to help with this.

Many manifesting rituals involve writing positive weight loss affirmations down on paper a set number of times.

But the thing is while you write your affirmations, you’ll visualize your desired outcome so that it becomes real to you!

It’s like playing a “mind movie” in your head.

When you expose yourself to “seeing” your dream in your mind’s eye, it helps to make it real on a subconscious level.

Then, you naturally gravitate toward attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that support your desired outcome.

It really is that simple!

You have to try it for yourself because it just might be the shift you need to achieve long-term, permanent weight loss success.


Are there any risks to manifesting weight loss?

weight loss vision board manifestation law of attraction

Manifesting weight loss is all about positive and mostly mindset work.

In fact, if you get weirded out by the “manifestation” and “law of attraction” language, you can even think of it as “weight loss psychology” instead. 

It’s all similar. 

Safe, simple, and effective.

So there are no “real” risks or dangers to manifesting weight loss.

However, there can be some unintended risks that can trip you up if you’re not careful.


One thing to watch out for is putting all of your trust and belief in the manifesting rituals themselves, while completely avoiding the laws of nature.

A positive mindset will always help you manifest your weight loss, but if you’re not active and eating right, then how will that manifest?

It won’t!

So the idea is to use manifestation for weight loss as a tool or technique in addition to being mindful of what your body needs.

Another risk would be getting too attached to the outcome of your goal and assuming that it’s going to happen just because you want it.

This would be counterproductive, and not a good use of your time.

The idea is to let go of the outcome in order for manifestation to work.

It can take some practice but if you do this with manifesting weight loss goals, then everything should fall into place just fine.

Another thing to look out for is having too-high expectations.

In my experience, manifesting weight loss did speed up my progress.

And, it made the weight loss process so much easier.

But it’s not going to help you lose fifty pounds by this weekend.

If you go into weight loss manifestation with these crazy, outlandish expectations and then don’t wind up meeting them, you could start to feel bad.

Other than these three considerations, you don’t have much to worry about in terms of the risks or dangers of weight loss manifestation.

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How fast can you manifest weight loss?

weight loss manifestation success story

You can manifest weight loss at any speed.

Some people may be happy to lose five pounds per month, while others might want to see their new body sooner than that!

Whatever your pace is and whatever you’re comfortable with – it’s perfect for you because this is all about what YOU need.

The truth is if you want to manifest weight loss very fast, your best bet is to combine weight loss manifestation with a specific diet or weight loss plan.

I 100% vouch for and stand by The Smoothie Diet because it worked for me to drop weight lightning-fast!

I manifested a ten-pound weight loss in less than two weeks by repeating positive affirmations everyday and following The Smoothie Diet  plan perfectly, where normally I could lose maybe 2-3 pounds in the same amount of time.

That insane result was only possible when I had a high-vibe weight loss plan to follow and combined it with the positive mindset shifts that take place when you add manifestation into the mix!

As a tip, I recommend you download your copy of The Smoothie Diet right now, go through the grocery list so you can get your supplies, then start with the 55×5 weight loss manifestation method, followed by positive affirmations every day.

You can probably lose 5-10 pounds in less than two weeks too, and you’ll feel amazing!


What are some sample weight loss affirmations?

222 angel number

I created a whole post of weight loss affirmations for you to enjoy, but I wanted to include a few fresh, new examples here for you.

  • I am thin and beautiful.
  • Every day, I grow more confident in myself.
  • It is easy for me to maintain a healthy weight.
  • My body needs the right nutrients every day so that it can function at its best!
  • All of the foods I eat are good for my health and lead me on the path to my best body ever.


Start your weight loss transformation today

me in my wedding dress before and after weight loss

As a refresher, here are the steps for you to manifest weight loss fast:

  1. Get The Smoothie Diet now
  2. Start with the 55×5 method (or another of your choice)
  3. Repeat positive affirmations every day
  4. Enjoy your new body!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about the best ways to manifest weight loss.

The best way to do that is by giving your brain a break – not worrying about the outcome and just letting it happen.

Try to enjoy the process!

That said, remember, for best results you’ll want to use some of these tips for weight loss manifestation in combination with existing diet programs or other healthy lifestyle habits.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow guide (that includes lots of step-by-step advice), look no further than The Smoothie Diet

This plan has helped me lose 10 pounds in less than two weeks combined with high-vibe manifestation practices, and I know it can do the same for you.

Good luck with your weight loss, I wish you the best of success with manifesting the body you crave and deserve.




P.S. Here’s a little tip… if you see The Smoothie Diet and it is less than $50 or so, BUY IT. The price tends to fluctuate, but they don’t have super-duper sales that often. The first time I saw it for $47 I didn’t buy it, then it went up to $70! I saw it for just $47 about a week ago and felt so silly for having lost out on the lower price. So grab it while you can if you see it on sale!


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