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Best Manifestation Method To Get Over Your Ex

So your relationship ended, and you tried to get back together, but it didn’t work out. Now what? Well… now it’s time to get over your ex and move on to bigger and better things… right?

Too bad sometimes that’s easier than it sounds.

Lucky for you, there’s a quick manifestation method that can help you get over your ex quickly and easily.

Read on to learn the best manifestation method to get over your ex.

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Can you manifest getting over your ex?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to use the power of manifestation to help you move on from your past relationship and start focusing on new things in your life.

Some manifestation methods work better than others, but there’s one thing that will help you no matter what.

And that’s your mindset.


Why is mindset important for getting over your ex?

Your mindset is important because it’s all about refocusing your energy on new things and away from the past.

It’s okay to appreciate the good things about your old relationship with your ex and even to miss them.

But if your mindset gets too far stuck in the past, it’s too easy to get stuck there and keep ruminating on the things that didn’t work out.

Instead, try to shift your focus onto new goals, people, and activities.

This will help you channel your energy in a more positive direction, making it easier to move on from your ex and start fresh.


How to get over your ex with manifestation?

There are tons of manifestation and law of attraction rituals that you can use to get over your ex.

But some require materials that are hard to get.

And others take much time.

One powerful manifestation technique that can help you get over your ex quickly is called “The Breakup Blessing.”


The Breakup Blessing Manifestation Ritual

Here are the five steps to do the Breakup Blessing technique:


1. First, thank the Universe for the good things about your relationship with your ex. This could be things like the lessons you learned, the fun times you had together, or anything else that was positive about the experience.

2. Second, release any negative feelings you have towards your ex. Forgive them for anything they did wrong, release any anger or resentment you’re feeling, and let go of the past.

3. Next, reflect on the lessons you learned from this relationship. What did it teach you about yourself and your needs in a partner? How can you use those lessons to find love again in the future?

4. Then, set an intention for the future. What do you want to achieve, who do you want to become, and what are your dreams for the next chapter of your life?

5. Finally, close out this manifestation ritual by sending love and healing energy to yourself. Visualize yourself being happy and content in your new life, without any thoughts or feelings about your ex.

This is just one manifestation method you can use to get over your ex quickly and easily.

Remember, the most important thing is to focus on your mindset and set your intention for the future.

With a positive attitude and a clear vision for what you want to achieve, you’ll be well on your way to moving on from your past relationship and manifesting the life you’ve always wanted.


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