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5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying (Super Easy Tips)

At any given time, between 40 and 50 percent of women are trying to lose weight. Can you believe that?

Well, if you’re one of them and you struggle with yo-yo fad diets, going up and down on the scale all the time, these tips are sure to help you lose weight without even trying!

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5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

drink more water

1- Drink More Water

Drinking more water has multiple benefits.

First, much of the time when we think we’re hungry, we’re really thirsty. This can help you curb your appetite and eat much less.

Also, drinking water just before or during your meals will help you fill up faster while you’re eating.

Next, many people (women especially) tend to feel bloated because they’re holding on to water weight. The more water you drink, the less bloated you’ll feel.

Drinking more water is such an easy thing to do to lose more weight without much effort.

Hate the boring taste of water?

Try Mio Drops!

Mio Drops For Weight Loss

Some people really get bored with drinking plain water. Believe me, I understand.

One thing I do is add a few Mio Drops to my water, and it makes a huge difference!

If you don’t know about these, Mio Drops are zero-calorie, zero-carb, sugar-free water enhancers that come in a tiny squirt bottle.

You just squeeze a couple drops into your water and you’re good to go!

You can find them at grocery stores, but I just buy mine on Amazon because it’s like a dollar cheaper per bottle.

I grab many at a time because I like to have different flavors. The Fruit Punch is the best one, imo, but I also like Raspberry Pomegranate a lot too.

Click here to grab a bottle for yourself!

2- Skip Breakfast

weight loss trick


This may sound crazy, but contrary to popular belief you do not need a constant stream o


f food all throughout the day.

Intermittent fasting – a way of eating that limits when you eat, not what you eat – is based on exactly this.

The most popular style of intermittent fasting – 16/8 fasting – means you fast (or don’t eat at all) for 16 hours out of the day, then eat all your day’s food within an 8-hour window.

So, skip breakfast and lunch, eat your first meal around noon, then cut off your eating at dinner after 8pm.

Just by doing this you’re giving your body a digestive break, while limiting calorie intake and enjoying tasty meals that actually keep you full!

What’s not to love about that?


3- Try Lower-Calorie Foods

belly bloat fiber rich foods

Check out this list of zero (or very low-calorie) foods and make it a point to include just a bit more of those into your diet.

We’re all told to dine out less, eat more fruits + veggies, but that’s not much fun. Especially at the very beginning of trying to lose weight.

If you choose some of the lower or zero-calorie foods on the list (like Jello and popcorn), you’ll be more satiated and still feel like you’re not depriving yourself.

Which, in turn, will make you feel like you’re losing weight without so much fuss!


4- Make Food Substitutes

weight loss for women


Fourth, instead of depriving yourself of all the delicious foods you really like, why not sub some things for others, at least some of the time?

For example, if you like pasta, recognize that much of the time those carb-heavy noodles are just vehicles for sauce. On their own they don’t taste all that great.

You might try to make your own pasta at home using a zero-calorie noodle like Miracle Noodles, or spiralizing your own zucchini and carrots to make colorful veggie noodles.

If you don’t have a spiralizer, I use and recommend something light, hand-held, affordable and easy to clean like the Adoric Spiralizer. I’ve had mine for years now and have never had any issue! 

Other food substitutes you can try are maybe swapping out fries for a side salad or fruit with a burger. Or getting a lettuce-wrapped burger every blue moon.

Things like that.

You’ll be able to still enjoy most of what you want, while losing weight without so much effort!


5- Sneak More Exercise Into Your Day

intermittent fasting for 1 year

Finally, while working out regularly is important, making tiny changes does add up over time.

For example, parking farther back in the parking lot really does work over time to add a little extra exercise to your day.

While watching TV, why not use commercial breaks to do some crunches or push ups?

A couple times a week, eat lunch at your desk and take a brisk walk during your lunch break. Not every single day, but maybe 2 days out of the week.

This will also help you relieve work-related stress, which may also help you lose weight. Since stress makes weight loss harder.


Final Thoughts On Easy Weight Loss

intermittent fasting one year results photos

I hope you picked up a tip or two from our list of weight loss tips! If you have any additional tips to share, leave a comment below!

Good luck!


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