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A 30-Day Fitness Challenge That’s Easy On The Knees

One thing I’ve noticed since starting monthly 30-Day Fitness Challenges is that so many people trying to lose weight have knee problems.

I’ve had my own share of issues with knees so believe me – I get it!

When searching for ideas of new exercises to put into these challenges, I’ve noticed it’s really flippin’ hard to find a 30-Day Challenge that is effective yet avoids things like squats and lunges.

So, I created a challenge that avoids all the bending, dipping and squatting common with most 30-Day Challenges.

I hope you like it and that it helps you sneak a little more exercise into your month!

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Intermittent Fasting + 30-Day Fitness Challenge

30 day fitness challenge

As you may have guessed, intermittent fasting is a pretty big deal over this way.

That’s because it really works!

I lost 10 pounds the first month I tried fasting 16 hours a day for the very first time, and it was really easy.

That’s not to say it doesn’t take effort and discipline. It still does.

But if you’re totally new to weight loss (or looking for something completely different for a fresh start), I think the fastest, easiest way to jump in and get started with some quick, sustainable wins would be to try intermittent fasting, move your body a little bit more each day via 30 minute walks a few times a week, and doing a challenge such as this one.


Weight Loss Can Be Easy

burpee challenge results

Though I’m still not at my goal weight, I have kept 15 pounds off over the course of a year, mostly with intermittent fasting, different weight loss challenges, and trying to keep my step counts up (using Fitbit).

This is in stark contrast to being unable to lose and keep anything off for the previous SIX years.

I’ll admit that I have issues with discipline and consistency, along with emotional eating. I’m still working on those problems, but I’ve had those problems forever and never could keep any weight off until doing these things.

So that’s why I say they work.

I believe they work because they are easy. You know?


intermittent fasting before and after picture



Most of what you have to do to start is eat within an 8 to 10-hour window or so (instead of all day every day) and move your body more than you used to.  

It’s not perfect. It’s not what a personal trainer or nutritionist would have you do, but if you’re just beginning and don’t have the time, money or discipline to keep at something expensive or complicated, it does work.

Then maybe once you see some progress, you’ll feel inspired to go a little deeper.



30-Day Fitness Challenge For Bad Knees

30 Day Fitness Challenge that' easy on the knees

Click Here to download the printable PDF!


So, here’s how it works!

The image above is the chart you follow.

You can download it for printing, then cross out each day’s routine as you go.


Easy-On-The-Knees Fitness Challenge Details

weight loss trick

There are technically four exercises each day of this 30-Day Fitness Challenge, but two of them have right and left sides, so it shakes out to be a bit more than it initially appears.

Also, these *look* fairly simple (especially the arm circles), but oh let me tell you – if you do enough of them you WILL feel the burn!

Here are explanations and short videos of each:


1- Arm Circles


2- Leg Lift Hip Raise


3- Leg Swings (Front/Back/Side)



Sample Workout Instructions

burpees challenge results photos before and after


So as an example, for day 1, you perform the following:

30 arm circles forward
b. 30 arm circles backward
c. 10 leg lift hip raise
d. 10 side leg swings (right leg)
e.10 side leg swings (left leg)
f. 10 forward/backward leg swings (right leg)
g.10 forward/backward leg swings (left leg)


Two sets would be this entire sequence twice.

Then three sets would be the entire sequence three times.

If you find this too easy? Do more. If you find it too hard? Do less.

Such an easy way to lose weight, right?


A Few Tips For This Easy Knees 30-Day Challenge

intermittent fasting guide help

Before I wrap up this post, I want to share a few tips for this challenge.

First, try to keep your core/ab muscles engaged throughout every exercise. This is something my personal trainer taught me (back when I had one for like 0.5 seconds before petering out), and it’s stuck with me.

Keeping your core engaged will help you gain better control over the exercises and get more benefit.

Second, focus on form more than anything. Really pay attention to how you’re doing the exercise – not how quickly.

I ran through the sequence for day 1, and it took me 3 minutes really focusing on each movement and giving it my all. That’s no time, right? THREE minutes. Just breathe into it and really concentrate on the muscles you should be working. (I’m guilty of torpedoing through workouts just to get it out of the way… don’t do this).

Finally, if you want a little extra challenge, I recommend this relatively inexpensive pair of ankle weights.

I got mine about a year ago and use them for exercises like these.

I find them to be just the boost I need. Not too much, not too little.



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30 Day Fitness Challenge: This 30-Day Fitness Challenge is ideal if you want to lose weight but you have bad knees or experience knee pain. Most 30-day challenges like the 30-day squat challenge involve knee activities like squats, lunges or even worse! This no-squat 30-day fitness weight loss challenge will help you to lose weight fast -- even if you have bad knee pain!

Hopefully this easy-knees 30-Day Challenge workout gives you some hope for your weight loss journey going forward.

Can’t wait to see how well you do!


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A 30-Day Fitness Challenge That’s Easy On The Knees