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10 Easy Tips To Drink More Water (That Anybody Can Try)!

The human body is made up of predominantly water. Up to 60%, to be exact.

Drinking enough water is essential for peak physical performance. If your body is dehydrated, you will feel fatigued, tired, unfocused and even falsely hungry.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

As a general rule, we’ve come to accept that we need at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Though some scientific opinions and recommendations skew far higher, at up to 91 ounces a day for women.

These recommendations aren’t set in stone. Depending on what your day is like, the climate and other factors, the amount of water you really need varies.

Either way, one thing we can all agree on is that no matter the circumstances, drinking more water each day is pretty much always a good idea.

That said, many women struggle with drinking enough water. It’s bland, it’s boring, it’s time-consuming… we hear you.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick list of super-easy tips for drinking more water that anybody can try – even you, busy girl!

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10 Tips To Drinking More Water

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1- Add A Flavor Enhancer

Some people really get bored with drinking plain water. Believe me, I understand.

One thing I do is add a few Mio Drops to my water, and it makes a huge difference!

If you don’t know about these, Mio Drops are zero-calorie, zero-carb, sugar-free water enhancers that come in a tiny squirt bottle.

You just squeeze a couple drops into your water and you’re good to go!

You can find them at grocery stores, but I just buy mine on Amazon because it’s like a dollar cheaper per bottle.

I grab many at a time because I like to have different flavors. The Fruit Punch is the best one, imo, but I also like Raspberry Pomegranate a lot too.

Click here to grab a bottle for yourself!



2- Add in fruits

You may have seen on Instagram or Pinterest when a bottle of water is infused with fruits and herbs.

Not only is this absolutely beautiful and tasty, but small traces of nutrients from the ingredients may seep into the water, giving you a nutritional boost as well!

Check out our list of absolutely delicious infused water recipes for thirst-quenching, mouth-watering inspiration!


3- Drink before….

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Make a rule for yourself.

Each time you have your meals, have a glass of water before you take your first bite (this also helps you feel fuller).

Before you head to the toilet, gulp down some water.

Before watching your favorite show, take a glass of water. After kissing your spouse or partner, drink another glass of water.

What you’re really doing is setting mental notes throughout the day to remind yourself to drink more water.

It’s a great habit to form and is sure to make your hydration efforts a breeze.


4- Compete with a friend

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A little friendly competition never hurts! This may be easiest to try with a colleague at work since you’d probably be spending at least 8 to 9 hours a day within the same space.

Remember, though, do not go over the top with competing. Just target to drink your recommended amount and motivate each other to continue drinking more water throughout the day.


5- Label your bottle

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If you have a huge jar or bottle, label it according to the drinking targets you set.  Draw a line vertically and mark where your water level should be at 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and so on. Or conversely, grab one of these super-cute motivational water bottles.


6- Drink when you rise and/or when you sleep

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Challenge yourself to drink at least two glasses of water right when you wake up and/or one more glass before you go to sleep. The caveat here is if you have sleep-related issues like insomnia, you may want to opt out of the nightly glass.

The last thing you need once you do get to sleep is a reason to run off to the bathroom at 3 am, right?


7- Set reminders

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Put your smartphone to good use and set hourly reminders to drink your H2O!

The longer you do this, the easier it will be to follow your hourly water intake.

Before you know it you’ll be finishing your daily water minimum without even thinking about it!


8- Have water everywhere

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Having a bottle in your car, at your work desk, in your home and even in your bag helps you drink more water wherever you are.

These bottles do not have to be big and bulky.

They can be any size that is convenient. For example, the bottles for your work desk & car can be standard sized bottles, but for the one in your bag, you’re probably thinking of something slightly smaller.

You can even put something like this super slim, sleek flask in your briefcase or laptop bag!

Whatever the case, having a bottle handy makes it easier for you to drink water whether you’re on-the-go or staying put.


9- Track your progress

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There is literally an app for everything.

Apps like Drink Water Reminder & Tracker as well as Daily Water Reminder are examples of apps that you can download and use in your quest to drink more water. But you know, sometimes it’s best to track things by hand.

If that’s more your speed, grab our FREE adorable daily water intake tracker by joining our mailing list on this page.

It’s pink, it’s cute, it’s simple and it’ll keep you on track!


10- Drinking before or after your non-water drinks

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Can’t function without your coffee in the morning? You’re not alone.

If you just so happen to be one of those girls who can’t even be considered awake until that first cup of coffee is gone, make a simple promise to yourself that you’ll drink a glass of water before or even after you’ve had your cup. (Or, both)!

Similarly, when ordering at restaurants, always ask for a glass of water first before eating any food you have ordered.

This step will eventually build a happy and healthy habit of you drinking water after having your non-water drinks.


How Much Water Can YOU Drink?

Tips to drink more water and motivation to drink enough water are all found here! Wanna lose weight and get healthy and skinny fast? You REALLY need to be drinking more water. Here's how!

Do you trust your body to tell you how much water to drink, and when?

When your mouth feels dry, your throat feels irritable, your lips are chapped, and you mentally and physically feel tired – these are signs of dehydration.

But you shouldn’t wait until you experience symptoms of dehydration to drink up.

With a little determination and a tiny boost from implementing these quick tips for drinking more water, you should be hitting your water intake minimums in no time.

Bottoms up!


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10 Easy Tips To Drink More Water (That Anybody Can Try)!