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5 Cinnamon & Coarse Salt Money Manifestation Rituals & Spells

If you’re looking to manifest money, there’s a variety of herbs you can use, but at the very top of your list (and cabinet) two should stand out above the rest — cinnamon and salt!

Cinnamon has long been used as a magical, powerful spice for drawing extra money and good luck.

But did you know that you can often enhance its powers by combining it with coarse salt in your rituals?

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to use these two magical ingredients in your money-drawing rituals.

It’s true that anyone can manifest money using the proper knowledge, tools, and mindset.

So get ready to learn how to manifest money with cinnamon and coarse salt.

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Why Use Cinnamon & Coarse Salt For Money?

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful herbs in the world.

The moment you get a whiff of the spice, you instantly feel uplifted, energized, and alive.

You can incorporate it directly into any type of money-drawing spell or ritual, and it will work wonders for your financial luck!

Salt is often associated with purity and protection, but it can also bring abundance and prosperity.

Adding salt to your cinnamon money rituals can give them a boost by adding a layer of protection of your energy, longevity in your wealth, and increasing the income received from the spell.


5 Cinnamon & Salt Money Manifestation Rituals

You can use many different methods to attract money with cinnamon and coarse salt.

One of the most powerful spells is the cinnamon money spell, where you combine cinnamon and real paper money, then store it in your wallet.

You can add salt to the cinnamon in this ritual to enhance it.

But there are so many other ideas you can try to manifest money fast with cinnamon.


1- Place a salted cinnamon stick in your wallet

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One of the easiest ways to attract money with cinnamon and salt is to pour coarse salt into a bowl, set the intention to draw money to you, then swirl the stick of cinnamon around in the bowl of salt.

This cleanses the ritual, activates the energy of the cinnamon herb, and prepares it to work its magic!

Then, simply place the salted cinnamon stick in your wallet

where you store your money at all times to set the energy of money attraction into motion.

This has quickly become one of my favorite ways to manifest with cinnamon and coarse salt.

The cinnamon is close to your cash and important credit cards, so its power is increased by being in such close proximity!

Many people have noticed a quick boost in their income plus steady income since doing this, so they make it a practice to keep a cinnamon stick in their wallets or purses!

You might want to do the same once you start to get good results…


2- Burn cinnamon incense to manifest money

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Cinnamon incense is a great way to attract money fast!

To use it in your success ritual, light the cinnamon incense and place it in a safe place.

It can often be burned inside a cauldron or on top of loose sand to make an altar for wealth magic.

For an added boost, sprinkle coarse salt around the incense while it’s burning, with the intention that money flows to you.

As you light it, repeat this mantra: “money flows to me abundantly”

Wealth usually comes in three forms. The first one is cash, the second material objects we value, and the third being time.

By following these steps and meditating on them like you would any other ritual, you will come out successful in at least one of these manifestations.


3- Create a cinnamon and salt money bag

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You can also create a cinnamon and coarse salt money bag to help you manifest abundance.

All you have to do is gather your herbs and put them in a satchel with other things that make you feel abundant.

To do this quick money bag, place the following items in a green satchel, then carry it around with you like a talisman of good luck and/or sleep with it under your pillow at night.


Here is an idea of what to put in your money satchel:

  • cinnamon
  • coarse salt
  • basil
  • ginger
  • nutmeg
  • small pyrite crystal
  • dollar bill (the higher the better)
  • money oil


4- Anoint a green candle with cinnamon

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Another way to use cinnamon in a money ritual is to anoint a green candle with cinnamon essential oils.

Surround the base of the candle with coarse salt.

Burn the candle while focusing on your intention.

Allow the candle to burn all the way down, and your money spell will be all set!


5- Blow cinnamon on the first day of the month

Finally, at the beginning of every month, you can blow cinnamon to set the tone for good luck.

On the first day of the month, put a scoop of ground cinnamon in the palm of your dominant hand (for sending energy.)

Then, go to the entrance to your home or office.

Stand just outside the door, then blow the cinnamon from the outside in while focusing on the intention to increase abundance, wealth, success and good luck.

You’re blessing your space and increasing your chances of manifesting good things.

You can add coarse salt to this ritual by dropping grains of salt in the corners of the rooms in your house.

This will seal the good luck and offer protection from negative energy.


 Final Thoughts On Cinnamon & Salt For Money

Cinnamon is a powerful ingredient for manifesting money.

When you use it in your rituals, there are many creative ways to attract and bring more abundance into your life.

With these tips on how to work with the power of cinnamon, hopefully, now you have some ideas on what ingredients might be necessary for success!

Good luck using cinnamon and coarse salt to manifest more wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your life.

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