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21+ Christmas Nails Ideas & Inspiration For 2024

Looking for Christmas nails inspo and ideas? Discover the best and trendiest designs for 2023! Dive into a world of elegant silver glitters, classic reds and greens, and playful themes like candy canes and gingerbread. Whether you prefer short, almond-shaped, or coffin styles, find your perfect match.

Embrace the holiday spirit with acrylic reds, holly berries, and sophisticated French tips. From simple to bling, and from kawaii to baddie styles, we’ve got all your festive nail ideas covered!

Let’s dive in!

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Christmas Nails By Length & Shape

First, choose the length and shape that suits you best. For short nails, go for solid colors like classic red or green – they look festive and chic! Or get creative with snowflake details, snowmen art, or Santa hats. If you’re wearing almond-shaped nails, opt for a more intricate design. Try glitters in your favorite holiday colors, Christmas tree prints, poinsettia petals, or even a candy cane theme.


Short, Square Christmas Nails

Discover the elegance of simplicity with these Short Square Christmas Nails. The design is beautifully understated, featuring pristine white as the base color on short, neatly trimmed square nails.

The highlight is a single, small festive design on one nail – think a delicate snowflake, a tiny Christmas tree, or a miniature reindeer.

This subtle yet charming detail adds a touch of holiday spirit to an otherwise clean and sophisticated look, perfect for those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to their festive style.


Almond Shape Christmas Nails

almond shaped christmas nails

Step into the festive season with a minimalist take on almond-shaped Christmas Nails. This design highlights the beauty of simplicity, featuring nails with a refined almond shape for an elegant, contemporary feel.

The nails are painted in muted, soft holiday colors. With one nail on each hand adorned with just a hint of Christmas magic – think a tiny, delicate star or a single dot of shimmering gold.

This minimalist design is ideal for those who appreciate a subtle nod to the holiday spirit while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic.

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Coffin Christmas Nails

coffin shaped christmas nails

Step into the holiday season with these elegantly designed Red and Green Coffin-Shaped Christmas Nails.

Each nail is meticulously painted in a classic festive color scheme, alternating between rich reds and deep greens. The simplicity of the design is its charm, with subtle yet striking details such as a small gold accent or a delicate festive pattern on a few nails.

These nails blend traditional holiday colors with a modern coffin shape, creating a look that’s both timeless and contemporary.

Ideal for those who want to celebrate the season with style, these nails are perfect for any festive occasion or as a cheerful addition to your everyday winter wardrobe.


Christmas Nails By Color

Next, we’ve divided our Christmas Nails suggestions by color. Feel free to mix and match different colors for each nail – or have a single consistent look.  


Dark Red Christmas Nails

red christmas nails

Embrace the joy of the holiday season with these Simple and Cute Red Christmas Nails. This design focuses on the beauty of simplicity, featuring a vibrant and glossy red base that captures the essence of traditional holiday cheer.

The charm is in the minimalistic approach – perhaps a single nail on each hand is adorned with a cute, small design, like a tiny white snowflake, a miniature Christmas tree, or a small gold star.

These nails are perfect for those who love a classic look with a touch of playful festivity. They’re ideal for any holiday gathering or simply to add a pop of Christmas spirit to your daily outfit.


Dark Green Christmas Nails

green christmas nails

Embrace the festive season with these Simple and Elegant Green Christmas Nails. Perfect for those who love a touch of holiday spirit with a refined style.

These nails boast a deep green color, reminiscent of evergreen trees, with a glossy finish that adds a touch of sophistication.

The design is beautifully minimalistic, with each nail uniformly painted in this rich hue. On one nail of each hand, a small and subtle design, such as a delicate white snowflake or a tiny gold star, adds a charming festive touch.

This look is ideal for anyone seeking a classic yet festive nail style that’s perfect for holiday gatherings or adding a splash of Christmas cheer to everyday attire.


Simple & Elegant Pink Christmas Nails

pink christmas nails



Christmas Nails With Special Designs

Continuing our holiday spirit, we have some special Christmas nail designs that will get you the looks this season. Whether you’re into reindeer, snowmen or Christmas trees, there’s something here to give you some great Xmas nails inspo!


Christmas Nails Art

festive Christmas nails art

Embrace the festive spirit with this festive nail art, perfect for those who love a  cheerful look. These nails feature classic Christmas designs like tiny snowflakes, delicate reindeer, or petite Christmas trees, all set against a variety of cheerful background colors. Ideal for everyday wear, they provide both comfort and a subtle nod to the holiday season. Whether at work or sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, these nails are a sweet, understated way to celebrate the holidays.


Christmas Nails with Bows

christmas nails with bows



Candy Cane Christmas Nails

candy cane christmas nails

Step into the festive season with these delightful Candy Cane Christmas Nails, combining simplicity with a touch of holiday fun.

This design features each hand displays nails artfully painted in alternating solid red and white colors, each boasting a glossy finish that adds to their festive charm.

The standout feature of this set is the classic candy cane pattern – one nail on each hand is adorned with red and white stripes, perfectly capturing the iconic candy cane look.

This playful detail is not overly gaudy, but rather adds a whimsical and tasteful element to the overall design. Ideal for those who love to celebrate the holiday season with a stylish nod to Christmas traditions.


Deer Christmas Nails

Looking for Christmas nails featuring deer? These super cute press-on Christmas nails are perfect if you want a quick and easy cute deer nails design without breaking the bank! 

Available on Amazon Prime, you can get them overnight!

So if you’re in a pinch, you’ll still be able to get your Christmas nail set on time.

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Classy and Elegant Christmas Nails

classy and elegant christmas nails


Introducing Classy and Elegant Christmas Nails, a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated touch this holiday season.

Each hand is adorned with five nails, painted in rich, luxurious colors such as deep red, emerald green, or midnight blue.

The nails are finished with either a glossy or matte coating, adding to their refined appearance. The design embraces minimalism, with subtle yet festive accents that include a single gold or silver line, tiny rhinestones, or delicate snowflake patterns, lending a touch of holiday spirit without overpowering the elegant aesthetic.

Ideal for upscale holiday events or formal celebrations, these nails offer a timeless and gracefully festive look that complements any outfit and occasion during the festive season.


Elf Christmas Nails

If you want to rock elves or The Grinch this Christmas for your nail design, check out these elf and Grinch-inspired short nail designs! 

They’re perfect if you just want a quick and easy but still festive solution to your best Christmas nails ever.

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Christmas Tree Nails

christmas tree nails

Embrace the holiday cheer with these Simple and Cute Christmas Tree Nails, a delightful addition to your festive look. Each hand displays nails painted in light, joyful colors such as soft green or pastel blue, and finished with a glossy sheen for an extra touch of sparkle.

The charm of this design lies in the small and adorable Christmas tree painted on one or two nails of each hand. These miniature trees are artfully depicted in traditional green and brown hues, with a hint of gold or silver for the star, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit.

This nail art is perfect for those who love a playful yet understated style, adding a festive and charming touch to any holiday outfit.


The Bottom Line

Whatever holiday nails design you choose, make sure it’s a reflection of your style and personality.  Feel free to mix and match different designs to create a holiday masterpiece that is uniquely yours! Have fun with it and enjoy creating something special for the holiday season that will make people smile.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and Happy Holiday Nail Art-ing!  🎄💅✨