3 Unexpected Things Cardi B Can Teach Us About Sobriety

If you’re anything like me, you looooove you some Cardi B! From just a regular, schmegular girl from the ‘hood to one of the most anticipated superstars of the day, her come-up is undeniable.

Though the image she portrays has absolutely nothing to do with sobriety, that very connection has been on my mind lately.

Let me know if you agree, or if I’m totally missing the mark!





Love her or hate her, Cardi is a real as they come. She’s extremely open and authentic about who she is, where she’s come from and where she’s trying to go.

While she shows lots of the good parts of herself and comes off as very confident, she also talks in great detail about some of the less pleasant aspects of her history. Whether whoever is around likes it or not, she’s real.

If you want to progress in your journey to freedom from alcohol, you need to take that same approach.

You don’t have to go on Instagram live talking about your worst experiences, but you can’t hide, either. At least not from yourself.

You need to be authentic and be incredibly honest about why you do what you do, where/how you went wrong, and what it will take to achieve your desired result. You can’t walk around in denial.

Take a page from Cardi’s book and keep it 100.



I’ve said this before elsewhere on the blog, but Cardi makes me want to say it again.

[bctt tweet=”Where you’ve been and what you’ve done need not determine what you can do and where you can go” username=”soberalley”]

Her very public turnaround from a poor, project chick in an abusive relationship to a celebrated, multi-millionaire A-list super-star is evidence that your life can change dramatically.

I think the level to which Cardi has seen success may be bigger than most, but I think the underlying principle is the same.

We can all change our lives for the better.

This relates to sobriety because no matter how deep in the trenches you are or were with your alcohol issues, you can change. Nothing about you makes you exempt from winning!

Now, her situation seemed to happen overnight, but that brings me to my final point…



It took lots of hard work for her to get to where she is, and it also takes hard work and time to reach your sobriety goals.

In my case, I struggled for seven consecutive years before I finally got it all worked out. But I believe it doesn’t have to take that long. I’ve shared the main steps I took to finally win my battle with alcohol. I think having a plan helps, but it still takes time and effort.

I think Cardi’s epic rise is a great way to illustrate overwhelming success by hard work because she is very public about what she does.

We all know Beyonce (who we of course also know and love) also works hard, but she’s private. She’s probably the hardest working woman in her industry, as a matter of fact. BUT… Cardi will go on IG live with her hair a mess, bags under her eyes, scratchy throat and tell you she’s been in the studio for 23 hours straight and is overwhelmed, exhausted and suffering from anxiety.

Bey makes it look easy. Cardi lets you know ain’t shit free.

And it’s true. I’m here to tell you the best things in life – the really good, tasty gooey things – take grit, determination and hard work. Your relationship with alcohol can be everything you want it to be and more… but you have to go through the door to get to the other side.



Wherever you are with your sobriety or moderation goals this year, you can be somewhere totally different next year. You can have your epic rise too! Stay focused and make it happen.

Because “Bloody Shoes” are better than Bloody Marys anyway.



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