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Sizzle Up Your Party with Bacon-Themed Games!

Hosting a social gathering can be exciting but also a bit daunting, especially when you want everyone to mingle and enjoy themselves. Whether it’s a family reunion, a corporate event, or just a casual get-together with friends, breaking the ice can sometimes be the hardest part.

That’s why we’ve put together an amazing set of bacon-themed party games that’ll transform your event from awkward to awesome! Perfect for any occasion, these games are especially great for celebrating National Bacon Day (December 30th every year in the USA), birthdays, BBQs, and any bacon-lover’s special day.

Here are some sizzling bacon-themed games to make your event one to remember!




Answer Fast

“Answer Fast” is a rapid-fire game that challenges guests to think on their feet. Each participant lists three answers for each bacon-related category as quickly as they can. Whoever finishes first with the most relevant answers wins the game. It’s a perfect starter to warm up the crowd with some crispy competition!


Try Not To Say

This game involves clothespins, a secret word, and time! Each person starts with two or three clothespins clipped to their clothes—and they are tasked with avoiding saying the magic word, which is, of course, “bacon.” If one person catches another saying the magic word, they steal their clothespin. Whoever ends up with the most clothespins at the end of the event wins the game.


True or False Quiz

This fun true or false quiz tests guests’ knowledge about bacon facts. It’s really cute, easy to do, and answers are included!

Check out this simple true or false bacon quiz here.


Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Bring out the smartphones because this game has guests snapping selfies in a variety of preselected bacon-themed scenarios. It’s especially engaging because it gets people to mix and mingle in ways they likely would not under other circumstances. Whoever has the most selfies by the end of the event wins the game!


Find the Guest

Mix and mingle! This game encourages guests to go around the room and find people who match specific bacon-related descriptions on their game card. It’s an excellent method for getting everyone talking, especially in larger groups where not everyone knows each other.


bacon party soberalley


Scattered Categories

In “Scattered Categories,” guests think up items that fit into quirky bacon categories. It’s all about quick thinking and creativity, making it an excellent game for all age groups, helping to stimulate conversations on various sizzling topics.


Finish the Phrase

A game that’s all about guessing how phrases end. This can lead to some unexpected and funny results, making it an engaging way to learn how others think and to share a laugh over the surprises. For example, “Everything’s better with…” (bacon, of course!).


A to Z Race

This game is a race against the alphabet! Guests work to come up with bacon-related words for each letter. It’s fast-paced and fun, pushing everyone’s quick-recall abilities to the limit. Think “A is for Applewood, B is for Breakfast…”


Anagram Race

Challenge your guests with this word puzzle game where they rearrange letters to form bacon-related words as quickly as possible. It’s not only fun but a great brain teaser that keeps everyone on their toes.


Word Scramble

From the simple to the complex, scrambling bacon-related words provides endless fun and challenge. Guests unscramble words related to bacon and breakfast, racing against each other to decipher the words first.


Pass the Prize

A delightful game where guests pass a prize according to cues from a story or music. When the story ends or the music stops, the person holding the prize wins! It’s an excellent way to add excitement and anticipation to the event.

Get Pass the Prize here!


Easy Word Search

Perfect for younger guests or as a relaxed activity, this easy word search lets guests hunt for bacon-related words at a leisurely pace, perfect for winding down or as a quiet break during the festivities.


Tricky Word Search

For those who love a challenge, the tricky word search ups the ante with less obvious bacon-related words and more complex patterns, ideal for puzzle enthusiasts.


Find the Guest BINGO

Just like traditional BINGO, but with a bacon twist! Guests fill their cards by finding people who meet the bacon-related descriptions in the squares—first to complete a line wins!


Around the World

Travel the globe with this game that tests knowledge of different bacon dishes from around the world! On one side of the sheet, guests are given a specific bacon dish from a foreign country. Their job is to match the dish with the correct country. Sounds easy? It’s NOT!


Bacon Cuisine Trivia

Food lovers rejoice! This trivia game explores bacon delights from around the world, perfect for gourmets or cooking aficionados.

Get World Bacon Trivia here!


The Bottom Line

These bacon-themed party games are quick, easy, and fun for any celebration! Whether you’re hosting a bacon-filled bash or just looking for some entertainment, these games are sure to add a touch of excitement and knowledge to your gathering.

Oh, and by the way…

You can grab individual bacon-themed games from different sources around the internet. Or, you can make them yourself of course. But… WHY?

We’ve done all the work for you and put all 20 of these cute and fun games into one neat and tidy bundle! Print as many copies as you need, and you’re all set for a fun-filled, bacon-loving event.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make every moment memorable while saving time, money, and energy worrying about how to make your party sizzle.

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