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How To Ask The Universe For Money (7 Steps)

This is your complete tutorial on how to ask the universe for money. You can try this manifestation method anytime you need a boost of cash in your bank account. Read on to discover the 7 simple steps to follow, and you’ll be well on your way toward attracting more abundance into your life.


1- Decide what you want and why

Before you can ask for something from the universe, you need to know what it is that you want and why you want it.

What is your motivation behind wanting this money?

Are you looking to pay off some debts?

Are you trying to save up for a down payment on a house?

Or are you simply trying to get ahead in life?

Knowing your motivation will help you stay focused and determined when asking for money from the universe.

You’ll be able to increase the flow of abundance into your life and meet your money goals.


2- Believe that you can have it

If you don’t believe that you can have the money you’re asking for, the universe won’t either.

You need to think positively and believe that you can receive what you’re asking for.

Your money mindset is everything when it comes to asking the universe for money.

Harboring any negative energy at all is the fastest way to block the flow of money.

One way to remove blocks of money manifestation and change your attitudes towards money is to try visualization daily.

Every single day, visualize yourself with more money in your new blissful life.

Feel the emotions of happiness and joy that come along with it.

When you first see it in your mind’s eye, your subconscious mind starts to “believe” this is real.

And this belief is critical for your success in asking the universe for money and getting it!


3- Raise your vibration

In order to get what you want from the universe, you need to be vibrating at a frequency that is in line with what you want.

You can’t miss this crucial step!

This means that if you want money, your vibration needs to be one of abundance and prosperity.

You can achieve this by doing things that make you feel good.

Some examples include:

  • Meditating
  • Spending time in nature
  • Listening to empowering music
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Practicing yoga or Pilates

Furthermore, if you want to manifest money it would be beneficial to do things that make you feel rich or abundant!

Much of the time these things don’t actually cost money, but they can help you feel good.

Examples of such things include taking a luxurious candlelit bath just to feel pampered.

You could also make a slow practice of carrying extra cash in your wallet. Not to spend, but just to get used to having more money.

Additionally, you might consider small items that you could upgrade without spending too much extra money.

For instance, let’s say you’d like to treat yourself to a chocolate bar.

Why not buy the most expensive, decadent chocolate bar you can?

The inexpensive one might be $2, but the best one might be $7.

Then you spend your time thoroughly enjoying and savoring that bar and it helps raise your money vibration.

This will send the message that you’re abundant, you’re worthy, and you know it!


4- Actually ask the universe for money

The fourth step is to actually ask the universe for money.

This can be done in a number of ways, but a simple way to do it is to write down what you want on paper.

Once you’ve written it down, put it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Another way to ask the universe for money is to say it out loud.

Feel the emotions of excitement, happiness, and joy as you say it.

The more emotion you put into your request, the better.

If you want a more specific way to ask, you can always try a money manifestation ritual.

Any variation of the cinnamon money ritual is a great place for beginners to start.


5- Be open to receiving money in any form

When asking the universe for money, be open to receiving it in any form.

Don’t get too attached to the idea of how you think the money should come to you.

Accept it in any way that it comes.

This could be through a job promotion, an inheritance, a winning lottery ticket, or simply finding a few extra dollars on the ground.

The universe will always provide what you need, in the perfect time and perfect way.

Just stay open and positive!



6- Take action

The sixth step is to take action.

This means doing whatever it takes to get closer to your goal of receiving money.

If you want a new job, start looking for jobs.

If you want an increase in salary, start looking for ways to improve your skills or performance at work.

The more action you take, the more likely you are to get what you want.

The universe is always working in your favor, but you still need to do your part!


7- Watch for signs

After you’ve asked the universe for money, the final step is to watch for signs.

This means paying attention to the clues and signals that the universe is sending you.

When you’re tuned in, you’ll start to see that the universe is always providing what you need, when you need it.

Sometimes the signal you get will be direct, and you’ll see more money start flowing into your life.

Other times, you’ll get intuitive nudges that push you toward actions you need to take.

For example, you might have an opportunity to get a new job when you weren’t expecting it.

Take these opportunities and follow these breadcrumbs – they are your connections to your desire manifesting.


Kara’s success story asking the universe for money

Stories and examples are always great for illustrating how manifestation methods and the law of attraction work, so here’s another example of how this worked for Kara – and how it can work for you too! 

Kara was having money troubles, and randomly, a friend told her a crazy story about how her coworker quit out of the blue.

Kara’s friend said that she had so much work on her plate while her department looked for someone new.

It turned out that Kara was perfectly qualified for the position, so her friend put in a good word for her, and she got the job pretty quickly…

The timing was incredible on that, and Kara knew, instantly, that it was related to her directly asking the universe for money following this 7-step process outlined in this guide.

Watching for signs is like having your own personal guidance system.

It’s one of the most amazing things about following the universe’s path.

You never have to worry too much about the details, because the universe will take care of them for you.

Just stay positive and open to receiving money in any form, and you’ll be on your way.


Final thoughts

Thank you for reading! Hopefully now that you know-how, you can start following this 7-step process and begin to have money trickle into your life as well.

Remember to stay positive, open, and excited about receiving money.

The universe is always working in your favor and will provide what you need when you need it.

Good luck!


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