Our Mission

Sober Alley is an addiction recovery website aimed at helping women reduce the role alcohol plays in their lives.
We take a positive and uplifting approach to alcohol sobriety and moderation while remaining cognizant of how serious the alternative can be.
While we support all methods of recovery, the information we share is DIY (non-AA or 12-step), because not every woman who drinks more than she knows she should identifies as an addict, nor might she require or desire traditional recovery programs, therapy or rehab.
Our mission is to provide tools, information, support, and inspiration for any woman at any phase of her drinking career, and let her know that she absolutely can alter her relationship with alcohol as she sees fit, when she sees fit, how she sees fit.
No two sobriety stories are the same.
We’d love to help you recreate and share yours.

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To help you get started sorting out the mess of over-consumption of alcohol, we’ve created an ever-growing vault of sobriety worksheets, guides and audio files. The image above shows a small sample of what’s inside.

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