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51+ Positive Affirmations For Valentine’s Day

Did you know that you can use positive affirmations for Valentine’s Day to help you manifest love if you’re single or improve your relationship if you’re in a relationship?

If not, you’re in the right place!

Today you’ll discover the best Valentine’s Day affirmations and learn my top tips for how to use them to experience a high-vibe, uplifting season of love.


Let’s go!


One thing to help with Valentine’s Day affirmations…

bouquet of roses signaling valentines day affirmations

So… true story…

One Valentine’s Day several years ago (a few months after I caught my then-fiance cheating with my best friend in our bed,) I found myself single, lonely, and frustrated that everybody would be loved-up on Valentine’s Day except for me.

I didn’t really think it would be possible to turn things around for myself, especially since I had little time and wasn’t really in the headspace to start something serious, anyhow.

But I decided to try positive affirmations to manifest at least a fun date so I wouldn’t be all alone on Valentine’s Day.

So, I decided to give Valentine’s Day affirmations a try, just to see what would happen!

At first, my efforts fell flat and I couldn’t figure out why.

I thought maybe it would work for different things like money or a new handbag, but maybe not for something like a hot date just weeks before a specific date.

But then I discovered something that totally changed the game for me…

I got my numerology reading.

Listen… I’m a naturally curious person, but also skeptical at times if that makes sense?

So I heard about the numerology reading and at first, I was so busy so I was like “meh”, but then I finally got mine done and when I did…


I learned so much about my soul path and destiny, and I learned what I was doing WRONG instead of RIGHT.

And I learned how to turn my NEGATIVE attitude based on the devastating loss of my relationship into a POSITIVE.

So I went back to repeating some of the same Valentine’s Day affirmations that I’m about to share with you now…

But this time it was against the backdrop of what the universe meant for me to do.

And it worked!

I wound up meeting a really hot and fun guy and we went out on Valentine’s Day.

We held hands walking through the street, bobbing in and out of little bookstores and cafes, and enjoyed each other’s company.

We continued dating for a while after that but ultimately things didn’t work out.

But I got exactly what I needed and wanted most, which was a pleasant Valentine’s Day experience after heartbreak, and I truly believe this would not have happened without first tapping into what the universe meant for me to know.

So I know it’s all true and it all works… if you’re willing to do your part!

So that’s why I’m urging you – before you go any further – to get your free reading too!

I want you to fast-track your success with these Valentine’s Day affirmations so that you can manifest whatever outcome you need.

You’ll love it – promise!

Get yours now.


Do Valentine’s Day affirmations work?

beautiful twin flame couple in a field

Yes, Valentine’s Day affirmations actually do work!

The best V-Day affiramtions are the ones that truly speak to your heart’s desires, however.

You should really believe, feel and trust that what you’re saying is possible for you.

If you’re not feeling it, don’t say it.

That’s why these V-Day affirmations below are all “positive” ones that will help open your heart and expand your intuition into places where you’ll be able to achieve great results.

Your mindset is everything, and positive affirmations work because they help you to manifest great results by creating a positive mind-space for them to come into being.

So keep it positive, keep it uplifting and practice these 51 Valentine’s Day affirmations every day to feel the difference in your love life this season!


How do you use Valentine’s Day affirmations?

twin flame hugging thinking about getting married

There are many different ways to use Valentine’s Day affirmations.


Here are the top ways people use them:

a) They can be used as daily self-talk.

b) They can be used in the morning when you wake up and before bed at night to anchor positive thoughts into your subconscious mind.

c) You can write them down on bright pieces of paper or sticky notes and place them around your home (on mirrors, windows, doors, closets, etc.) to help you feel the promise of your desired outcome.

d) You can record them on a voice recorder and play them repeatedly anywhere that you go (at work, in the car while driving or walking, at home when relaxing).

e) If you’re in a relationship, share the love by having your partner listen to these V-Day affirmations too!

But here’s what I used and it was different than anything else I had tried before:

For me, I got the best result when I wrote out these Valentine’s Day affirmations several times throughout the day.

I didn’t do a specific number of times per day or anything like that.

But I would pull out a piece of paper and just write different positive affirmations that represented what I wanted for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes I’d write them 25 times, others just 10.

But I would do this at least 3 times per day, up to 5 times a day whenever I would get the time.

And always just before going to sleep at night.

Then, sometimes I’d put the paper underneath my pillow (this is the pillow method).

I kind of just worked with the V-Day affirmations as much as possible and wove it into the fabric of my daily life for a few weeks before the holiday.

And it worked!

Now it’s time for you to review the best positive affirmations for Valentine’s Day.


Affirmations to manifest a Valentine’s Day date

beautiful couple dressed in boho style walking in the sunny fore

If you’re single and want to manifest a hot, fun, romantic date with someone new for Valentine’s Day, these positive affirmations will help you out.

  1. I am so thrilled that I’ve got a hot date set up for Valentine’s Day.
  2. I’m excited to spend time with my new love interest on Valentine’s Day.
  3. So many people are asking me out for Valentine’s Day – I love having my pick on who to date!
  4. I’m so excited about my date on Valentine’s Day – I can’t wait to have fun with the person I’m going out with!
  5. It’s so much fun being single – I love being able to go on whatever dating adventures I want right now.
  6. I can’t wait to share details of my hot date with my bestie after Valentine’s Day.
  7. I’m so grateful to be spending Valentine’s Day with my new love interest.
  8. I don’t need anyone but myself.
  9. Today I am attracting an amazing, gorgeous new person into my life that is just what I’ve always wanted.
  10. I’ve met so many interesting people lately – I’m excited to see what’s in store this Valentine’s Day.


Positive affirmations to feel good about your relationship

someone manifesting you

If you consider yourself a good wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend and want to embody more of that energy, here are several statements to affirm your value.


  1. I am an excellent partner and my goal is to make my loved one feel happy and taken care of on Valentine’s Day.
  2. I bring so much value to my relationship and I can’t wait to celebrate with my special person this Valentine’s Day.
  3. I am a rockstar girlfriend/boyfriend and I will have a fabulous time celebrating Valentine’s Day with my honey.
  4. Everything that I do for the love of my life is greatly appreciated.
  5. The love of my life is excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me – we’re going to have a blast!
  6. I am the best thing that ever happened to my husband/boyfriend and our love for each other is growing stronger day by day.
  7. My girlfriend/boyfriend loves how I take care of him/her and celebrate us on this special holiday — it makes me feel so good!
  8. I’m thrilled to share the amazing gifts I have for my partner on Valentine’s Day.
  9. It’s a pleasure being a good wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend and it feels even better celebrating with them on Valentine’s Day.
  10. I give so much of myself to my partner and I love to do it.


Positive affirmations for self-love on Valentine’s Day

beautiful woman in a field thinking of small things to manifest.

When you’re feeling unappreciated, these sayings are there to remind you of all the reasons why you should love yourself on Valentine’s Day.

  1. I am a self-loving person who can appreciate myself first before I’m able to share my love with anyone else.
  2. I love caring for myself and I enjoy feeling confident, knowing that I am my own best company.
  3. Self-love is one of the most important parts of life.
  4. I know that I already have enough love within me to give to other people.
  5. When I love myself first, it’s easy to share my affection and love with other people and the world.
  6. I am a self-lover who loves spending time on me, feeling good about myself, and doing what I enjoy.


Affirmations to heal from heartbreak on Valentine’s Day

Outdoor fashion photo of young beautiful lady in autumn landscape with dry flowers

Have you recently been dumped and are feeling emotionally raw around Valentine’s Day?

These positive affirmations will help you heal your heart and experience love again.

  1. I have been dumped in the past, but I choose to move forward from that now.
  2. I am stronger and wiser for having been through a heartbreak.
  3. I have more of an understanding of what I need in a partner now, and I’m ready to start dating again.
  4. Moving on from my last relationship has brought me closer to myself and made me realize how strong I really am.
  5. It is okay if I am still healing emotionally, love can happen when I’m ready for it.
  6. Today I choose to forget the past and open up my heart to new love experiences.
  7. My last relationship has made me realize that I am not willing to settle for anything less than an amazing connection with someone else.
  8. I have so much love to share with the world, even if it takes me a little while to find it.
  9. Today I am choosing to let go of the past, even if it’s just for this one day.
  10. I deserve to be loved and I know that someday soon I will be.


Positive affirmations for singles on Valentine’s Day

Fashion Portrait of Beautiful Young Woman doing the 777 manifestation method

If you’re single and looking, these positive affirmations on Valentine’s Day will help you turn the focus away from your lack of a special someone and instead embrace all the great things about being single.

  1. I am a person who is strong enough to enjoy my alone time.
  2. As a single person, I love spending time with myself and doing what I enjoy.
  3. I am an attractive person who has the ability to attract the right partner in my life when the time is right for me.
  4. Everything that’s necessary for me to find love is within me already.
  5. Being single feels great because it means I get to do what I want and focus on myself.
  6. The right person will come into my life when it’s the best possible time for me.
  7. I know that there is someone out there who will love all of me, even if I am not ready to find him/her yet.
  8. There’s nothing wrong with being single – plenty of people are enjoying their singledom right now.
  9. It’s okay if I’m alone on Valentine’s Day, because it means everything is exactly how it should be.
  10. I am confident enough in myself to enjoy spending time with myself on this special day.


Affirmations for couples on Valentine’s Day

beautiful couple getting married on the beach after manifesting ex back overnight in 24 hours.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your relationship, reconnect with your partner, or celebrate your past relationship successes, these positive affirmations are here to help you.

  1. I am in a loving and fulfilling relationship.
  2. My partner loves me unconditionally and I love him/her unconditionally in return.
  3. The love that my partner and I share is everlasting and it brings us both a lot of joy.
  4. I am a loving and affectionate person who has a lot of love to give.
  5. I am in a wonderful relationship with an amazing person who loves me for exactly who I am.
  6. My partner treats me so well, I am so grateful for him/her.
  7. My partner and I have a wonderful connection that runs deep.
  8. I’m happy to be in a loving relationship with such an attractive person who is also someone that I really care about.
  9. I love spending time with my partner because he/she brings me so much happiness.
  10. I am grateful for my wonderful relationship, it makes me want to be a better person.
  11. Today I’m celebrating the love that I have in my life.
  12. My partner is an amazing human being who loves me unconditionally and treats me well.


Affirmations for broken relationships on Valentine’s Day

Outdoor fashion photo of young beautiful lady in autumn landscape asking for help from the universe.

If you’re in a relationship that has seen better days, these positive affirmations will help you weather the storm and see the beauty in the fact that your relationship is an experience.

  1. I am grateful for having experienced this relationship, even though things are tough right now.
  2. Even though my current relationship is strained, I choose to see the beauty in it.
  3. Having experienced this relationship has made me stronger and I can appreciate that.
  4. I am willing to work through my current struggles because I know our love is greater than anything else.
  5. Today I’m letting go of the past, even if it’s just for today.
  6. I choose to take responsibility for where things are right now and be grateful for what I have even if it’s not perfect.
  7. I know that this relationship has made me a stronger person.
  8. This past relationship is part of my story and it will make me a better partner to the next person I share my life with.


Final thoughts

A young couple of brides walking in the pine forest twin flame romance

I hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day affirmations and that they help you move closer and closer to your goals, whatever they may be!

Positive affirmations can take some time to get used to, especially if you’ve never used them before.

But, if you can say them out loud, or even in your head when you’re alone, the universe will hear what you are asking for and start sending it your way.

With love and blessings… xxx Britt.

P.S. Oh, and by the way…

Don’t forget to download your free numerology reading!

If you’re serious about manifesting a more positive and uplifting Valentine’s Day experience, you’ll want to clear any blockages that could be standing in your way!


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