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30 Day Squat Challenge Results (Before and After Pictures)


30-Day Squat Challenge Results Are In!

While thumbing through some old pics in my phone, I stumbled upon progress photos of a 30 day squat challenge I started about a year ago. The results are so dramatic, it’s insane!

The craziest part about it is I didn’t even finish this challenge. I punked out somewhere around day 23!

I can’t imagine how amazing the squat challenge results would have been had I actually finished the whole thing, right?

Take a look for yourself (but please excuse the horrendous state of my room… It’s a lot better today I swear)!

30 day squat challenge results before and after pics

Why Didn’t I Complete The 30-Day Squat Challenge?

Seriously there are two reasons why I didn’t complete this 30-day squat challenge. The most pressing reason I just have to scream out in big, bold letters:



stress relief sobriety

In the beginning, it’s cool. You see fast change. Your stamina, strength and endurance increase rapidly. You’re going #beastmode and are unstoppable, hunty.

But by week 3 it’s the worst thing ever!

You can’t even.

The second reason I didn’t finish is that I didn’t feel the need to be accountable.

Is that a thing for you?

Though I’m kinda introverted I do benefit from having someone to do things with or show my results to if that makes sense.

So, I was bored (boo) –  and lonely (aww) – but those partial squat challenge results are just too good to ignore! I want to do something similar again, but THIS TIME I HAVE A PLAN.

I want YOU to join me!


30-Day Squat Challenge Facebook Group!

30 day fitness caallenge joinIn December 2018 we started an accountability Facebook group for the 30-Day Squat challenge. It went amazing, so we’re rolling out a new challenge each and every month!

I’m giving away cool prizes, like free copies of my Intermittent Fasting Fitness Planner, a Fitbit Flex, and more… to top contributors!

Click the banner to join right away!



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Join The 30-Day Squat Challenge For December 2018!