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Join The 30-Day Squat Challenge For December 2018!

Suck At Working Out? Me too.

But it’s a necessary part of getting that body you want and deserve.

I’m a huge fan of 30 Day Challenges, especially for fitness.

It’s such a small time commitment but it has you doing a little more each day than you normally would.

Even if you’re lazy and don’t work out the way you should on any given day, if you commit to some small daily task you’ll reap outstanding benefits such as:

-Confidence boost

-Body strength and tone

-Likeliness to improve diet

-Likeliness of adding additional exercise

-Mental clarity

-Energy Boost

So, I’m running 30-Day Fitness Challenges EVERY SINGLE MONTH to at least do the bare minimum (ideally more).


30 day squat challenges are a great way to lose weight fast and have fun too without exercise at the gym! Join the 30 day squat challenge facebook group to get sexy legs and get skinny fast!


But there’s one EVERY month! here’s how it works!

30 day fitness caallenge join

It’s pretty simple… Click the image above to instantly join our 30-Day Fitness Challenge Facebook Group!

Inside the group you will receive the challenge tracking chart that we’ll follow! The chart is geared toward beginners. If you’re at a more intermediate or advanced level, 2x or 3x the number of reps per day!

Print out the chart and post it on your fridge, keep it at your desk, or use the digital version, just put an “X” through the days you complete, and that’s it! 

Easy tracking!

Inside the Facebook Group, there will be daily motivation to complete the challenge, daily inspiration, positive quotes, before and after weight loss progress photos, support for wins and losses, sharing of health/fitness/weight loss info, healthy recipes and more! 

At the end of the month, you’ll be happier, healthier and hotter than before… and ready to do it all over again!

You In?

30 day fitness caallenge joinClick the image to get started right away! 

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