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12 Hours Intermittent Fasting 1 Month (Before & After Photos)!

After hearing buzz about intermittent fasting for about a year, I finally chose to give it a try!

I had good success with intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day on a previous occasion, when I lost 10 pounds.

Though in the earliest weeks I was blown away by what seemed like effortless weight loss, by the end of the month I’d fallen off completely.

A month later, I’d regained all the weight.

Most recently I was even heavier than I started at the beginning of May.

Why did I fall off so hard, you ask?

Fasting 16 hours a day, every day, was just too restrictive in the end.

It wasn’t sustainable long-term for me.

Like sure it was effective.

I DID lose weight pretty easily just by eating decent food in specific intervals.

But I just felt and feel so tired of the yo-yo dieting effect.

Up and down like a seesaw, over and over again.

I just want to be DONE once and for all!

Though 16:8 intermittent fasting wasn’t forever this time around, I did learn a lot about hunger, appetite and self-control.

I wondered if I could fast for fewer hours daily and reap the same benefit?

So, for the past month, I’ve gone back to my personal science lab yet again for another intermittent fasting experiment!

I’ve fasted every day for a minimum of just 12 hours.

Here are the final results!

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Is 12 Hours Of Intermittent Fasting Enough?

intermittent fasting one month transformation

Opinions vary greatly on this one..

Some say just 12 hours is enough time to fast each day.

Others insist that 12 hours just won’t do.

One thing I’ve found true in life is what works for one person may not work for the next.

You just have to try and see what works FOR YOU.

So, that’s why I’ve chosen to see for myself.


Week 4 Intermittent Fasting For 12 Hours A Day

intermediate fasting diet

On the heels of my third week intermittent fasting for 12 hours, I was in a great place!

I was down 10 pounds that week, my diet was great, I was doing okay with exercise and the weight was coming off.

I simply wanted to continue on that same path during week 4 and…

I did it!

Here’s how it went…


12 Hours Intermittent Fasting 4 Weeks: Fasting Plan

Intermittent fasting 1 month before and after

Consistency is really important with intermittent fasting, and for the second week in a row, I nailed it!

I selected a 9am to 9pm feeding window and no matter what I made sure I did NOT eat outside those hours.

Once again, I found myself effortlessly fasting a little longer during the work week.

But during the weekend I was able to relax the requirement some and enjoy breakfast without feeling terribly guilty for falling off my plan.


Week 4 Intermittent Fasting 12 Hours Diet Plan

zero calorie foods fasting


My Diet Stayed Clean AF

In my 3-week intermittent fasting results I spoke in great detail about how things just finally “clicked” for me regarding my relationship with food.

I still feel the same.

I’ve had no issues approaching my diet with discipline and self-control since that epiphany and I’m so happy to be here.

I only ate when hungry, and then just lean foods!

Tons of fruit, oats, beans, lean meat and veggies.

Still not eating as many veggies as I’d like, but we did just subscribe to Imperfect Produce and our first box has arrived.

So far it seems good, but we’ll see over time!

It looks like a good way to get different veggies I wouldn’t normally pick up at the store onto our plates!


Week 4 Intermittent Fasting 12 Hours Exercise Plan

intermittent fasting 3 weeks weight loss

My exercise this week was so-so.

I lifted weights 2 days, did 30-minutes on the treadmill once, and 15 minutes of yoga once.

It feels like I’m always struggling somewhere with weight loss, honestly.

If I’m crushing it at the gym, my diet suffers.

When my diet is clean and easy, I’m not working out as much.

Or if I’m eating clean AND working out, I don’t make it for long lol.

I will say that I’m getting way better results keeping the diet clean and not exercising much, than I do when I workout for hours daily but eat like trash.

You can’t outrun a bad diet.

You really can’t!


12 Hours Intermittent Fasting Before & After Comparison Charts

Week 3 to Week 4 Intermittent Fasting Results

Starting weight: 168.8| Ending weight: 166.8  |  Weight lost: 2 pounds

Starting body fat %: 36.5% | Ending body fat %: 36%  | Body fat % lost: 0.5%

I lost 2 pounds, 0.5% body fat and 1.5 inches during my fourth week of intermittent fasting for 12 hours each day.


Total Intermittent Fasting 12 Hours Results For 1 Month

Starting weight: 178.9  | Ending weight: 166.8| Total weight lost: 12.1 pounds

Starting body fat %: 39%  | Ending body fat %: 36%  | Total body fat % lost: 3%

I lost 12 pounds, 3% body fat and 8 inches in one month of fasting for 12 hours each day.


How Does This Compare To Intermittent Fasting 16 Hours?

I lost 2.3 more pounds fasting 12 hours than fasting 16 hours. I lost 0.3% more body fat fasting 12 hours than fasting 16 hours. And I lost a whopping 3.75 more inches fasting 12 hours than 16 hours.


12 Hours Intermittent Fasting Before & After Pictures!

And now… what you’ve really been waiting for… 12 hours intermittent fasting before and after pictures!

We women are our own worst critics, right? Hubby says “wow you look smokin’ hot! You look great!” I see… “meh”. But I DO see that belly is going away nice n’ right! These pics are definitely motivation to keep going!



Intermittent fasting really works for fast weight loss! But did you know you can fast just 12 hours instead of 16?



Intermittent fasting 12/12 one month results with before and after pictures for fast weight loss for women!



Intermittent fasting 12/12 one month results with before and after pictures for fast weight loss for women!


A Quick Note About The Scale…

intermittent fasting not losing weight
So, the scale is definitely a love-hate thing, but it’s important. I grabbed a biometric scale that tracks more than just body weight so it tells the whole story. The one I got and absolutely LOVE is the Renpho Bluetooth BMI Scale. This scale is so awesome because it’s 1/3rd of the price of the Fitbit Aria scale and has everything you need to track your progress.

I like it a lot because it syncs seamlessly to my iphone and comes with a free app for tracking all my data.

So that’s how I save my sanity when weighing in, and also am able to calculate so much more than just pounds!

My favorite metrics to track with the Renpho scale are BMI, pounds, hydration and body fat… but there’s so much more if you’re a data hound. And the charts and graphs are a visually pleasing way to see your progress in seconds!

12 Hours Fasting 1 Month Results: Interpretation

Intermittent Fasting 2 Weeks Exercise Plan

These results are kinda shocking, but not really.

You really have to look at the big picture before jumping to a conclusion.

Just looking at the numbers it’s easy to conclude intermittent fasting 12 hours is better.

But the real story is that along the way I had a mental shift that put me in serious control of my diet.

It still does and always will boil down to controlling what you’re eating.

You can’t get away from that.

Intermittent fasting works because it restricts the number of calories you take in.

By eating fewer times in a day, you automatically lose weight.

Yes, there are also some scientific reasons why fasting works beyond calorie restriction.

I know, for example, it catapults your body into ketosis a lot faster (for those who like the keto diet.

But fasting for just 12 hours won’t give you ketosis.

At that short of an interval, it’s just about calories in, calories out.

So, I’m going to say this in big, bold letters:




It’s just a fact that can’t be ignored.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must control what you’re putting into your mouth.

The end.


Intermittent Fasting 12 Hours Works For Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting 16:8 works, but does intermittent fasting 12 hours work for weight loss? I lost 12 pounds and 8 inches intermediate fasting for one month. Here are my before and after intermittent fasting weight loss results pictures for 1 month!

I think I’ve found the right combination of fasting, eating right and exercise that I can stick with for the long haul.

Fasting for just 12 hours works better than fasting for 16 hours because, for me, I didn’t feel like a total failure for falling off.

In fact, making it to 12 hours so easily in some way made me want to keep going longer just because no pressure.

My average was around 14 hours for the entire month, which I think is pretty good!

Going forward I’m really excited because I know 12 hours is mild enough to be a sustainable lifestyle change.

I’m going to stick with it!

So long as I don’t fall off, I plan to do updates every few weeks or so to let you see over time how it’s going.

I STILL have almost 50 pounds to lose to make it to my goal weight, so I’ll be around a while longer yet!!!


Want To Lose Weight REALLY Fast?

smoothie diet

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