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How To Do The 10-10-10 Worksheet Method (Free PDF)

One of the most effective manifestation exercises is the 10-10-10 method, and this blog post will show you exactly how to try it for yourself. As an added bonus, you can download a free 10-10-10 worksheet PDF at the bottom of this article. That way, you’ll know exactly how to get started with no mistakes.


What is the 10-10-10 worksheet method?

The 10-10-10 method is a quick and easy way to manifest by writing on paper.

It’s so easy that practically anybody can do it, and it works by engaging your subconscious mind, raising your vibrational frequency, connecting you to universal energy, and getting you to focus on the positive in your life.

This is important because when we want things it’s often a signal to our subconscious mind that we’re coming from a place of lack.

The 10-10-10 worksheet method is great because it immediately snaps you out of wanting, therefore helping you to manifest faster.


What do I need for the 10-10-10 method?

All you need for the 10-10-10 worksheet method is a pen, paper, your desires, and your imagination.

You should be in a relaxed state of mind so it helps to wait until you’re feeling calm.

It also helps to have a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, but honestly, you could write this quick list out in the middle of a class or even a boring meeting (ask me how I know) and still get some results.


How to do the 10-10-10 formula

Here are the 5 steps to the 10-10-10 worksheet.

1- Start a piece of paper that has three sections of numbers 1 through 10.

2- In the first section you write your desire ten times. You could write the same desire all 10 times, or you could write different pieces of the same desired experience that would combine to make your ideal life. (More on this in a second.)

3- In the second section, write ten things you are grateful for. Don’t overthink this part. Just any ten things that you are grateful to have in your life.

4- In the third section, write ten things that bring you joy. They can be simple, but they must truly bring you joy in your daily life.

5- Read this list over and over, visualize your dream life, and allow yourself to feel good knowing that the universe will provide.

And that’s it!

Now I’m going to share how I did my 10-10-10 worksheet.


A 10-10-10 worksheet success story

When Brittany tried this exercise for the first time, she was feeling really low about myself and my life.

She’d caught her fiance cheating on me with her best friend months prior and she just wanted to feel happy and sexy and attractive again. She wanted to manifest a boyfriend.

So, Brittany did the 10-10-10 worksheet method to manifest a new love interest – but most of all to help her feel good about herself again to attract something good into her life.

She started with 10 things she desired.


10 affirmations of desire

For this round, she did write ten different things but she kept them all related to how she wanted to feel and what she wanted out of the new relationship.

She wrote them in present-tense form like positive affirmations.

So she wrote some things like:

  • I am sexy, attractive, and full of life
  • I’ve met the most gorgeous guy who completely adores me
  • Every morning I wake up to a “good morning beautiful” text message from my new guy


10 affirmations of gratitude

After ten affirmations with what she wanted to manifest, Brittany then wrote down for the second section 10 things she was grateful for.

She expressed gratitude for things like good health, amazing friends, delicious food, living in a sunny climate, etc…

You can do the same!


10 affirmations of joy

And most importantly, in the third section, Brittany ended with 10 things that brought her joy!

She wrote many things that she was grateful for in this section as well, but she made sure to include things that left her absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm, energy, and glee…

She wrote about how much fun she has at the beach with friends and how much it made her happy just to spend time with her family or go out dancing on Saturday nights…

She wrote about the time she went ziplining in Costa Rica and how liberated it felt to soar over the rainforest.

She allowed herself to get in the flow of all those good emotions, and that is what truly helped her connect on a subconscious level.


10-10-10 visualization

After that, Brittany took about 15 minutes to just lay in bed with her eyes closed and visualize all the things that she wrote down.

She visualized herself waking up next to an attractive guy who was so fascinated by her that he couldn’t help but pick up the phone each morning to tell her how beautiful he thought she was…

She imagined herself with an infectious smile because she was truly happy for the first time in months.

She felt confident, beautiful, and desirable once more.

This really helped her get into alignment with what she wanted to attract into her life.

And it worked!

Less than 2 weeks later, Brittany was on her first date with her new boy, and they wound up dating for a really long time!

It was a great relationship and although she is currently with someone else, that experience was transformative and let her know that the 10-10-10 worksheet method really does work if you work it!


How long does the 10-10-10 method take?

The 10-10-10 method can work in a few days to a few weeks, depending on how clear you are about your desire and how much resistance you have to manifestation.

If you perceive your desire as something you can easily manifest, then you’ll be likely to manifest it faster.

However, if you have subconscious resistance to your desire… like let’s say you want to manifest a million dollars but you’re currently unemployed and have no means of accepting money into your life, then you likely will have a harder time.

Not because it’s not possible, but because internally you don’t really believe it’s possible for you.

The best thing to do is start small and get it to work for you first.

Then, use that confidence to build up to bigger and better things.

It’s truly the smart way to manifest.


Does the 10-10-10 worksheet work?

Yes, the 10-10-10 worksheet works and it works well – as you can see from Brittany’s story…

The truth is, you can always manifest anything you want if you just learn how to use a few key manifesting tools.

And this is definitely one of the best tools for making the law of attraction work in your favor.

You can go out and spend thousands of dollars on courses about manifestation, but there’s nothing that comes close to what you learn from just diving in and starting straight away with simple methods like 10-10-10.

And to help you do that, here’s the link to your 10-10-10 worksheet.


Download your FREE 10-10-10 Worksheet PDF

Simply download it and print it out so you can get started working on this amazing method straight away.

Use it and witness the incredible transformations in your life.


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